Five dead bodies recovered from Bey Pentong, North Sikkim

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Sikkim Mail

Gangtok:September 24

Five dead bodies have been recovered from Bey Pentong in Upper Dzongu, North Sikkim on 22nd September where seven people were missing after the landslide that submerged four houses. The dead bodies have been recovered on 22nd September by the rescue team of the local youth. However, in Bey Pentong, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) was unable to reach the spot due to lack of inaccessibility. Even in the areas of Saffo, Ramon, Salem-Pakel the NDRF is not able to reach, though many rescues have been conducted by the local youth. A team led by District Forest Official’s along with Police personnel has already left for Bey Pentong is reported.
The road to Toong which was opened for day on 21st of September was blocked again which was resumed by the evening of 22nd September. The traffic to Chungthang will take some more days to reopen as there are many slides to be cleared between Toong and Chungthang. The commuters returning from the project site have been provided with two vehicles by the ABIR construction which is being carried through the tunnel from Chungthang to Adit III at Theng.

Most of the family members from other part of districts in state are unable to trace their relatives who have been employed in North Sikkim especially in ‘Power Project’ who are gone missing and are unable to be contacted as well due to none functioning of the network after the emergence of the devastating earthquake. Furthermore most of the relatives from other districts have not been even able to reach the spot in North Sikkim due to lack of connectivity where even transshipment is also not possible.

In the mean time, food stuffs to the inaccessible areas like Sakyong, Pentong, Chungthang, Saffo, Shipgyer and many more are being airdropped whereas the relief camps have been provided by different NGOs including National NGOs and the local schools. Likewise some of the places in North district have been provided with electricity temporary by the Power Department.

Apart from these affected areas, several other areas are being cut off from the transportation and other amenities like the areas of Hee-Gyathang and Gnon-Sangdong in Lower Dzongu where the affected people were even not availed with essential commodities along with other facilities respectively. The Lingtyang monastery in Lower Dzongu has been totally collapsed by the slide that occurred due to the massive earth quake on 18/9 is learnt.



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