Turkey Pardoned by Local Officials

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, local officials have once again pardoned a local turkey that would have otherwise been executed for the traditional Thanksgiving feast that will happen tomorrow.

The tradition spans back 200 years to the time of the founding of the local district, when local officials pardoned one turkey for saving a cat from a runaway donkey cart. As a show of gratitude and tradition, a turkey has been pardoned every year since.

“It’s a wonderful tradition” said one of the officials, who preferred to remain nameless, as he was not authorized to speak on the record to iSikkim. “Usually, we don’t think about those who’s safe spaces we violate, but now, it seems like a good idea to remember the genocide we reign on turkeys before it’s too late, of course”.

In other news, the court denied a last minute appeal from the United Turkey Group, to stay the execution and feast of thousands of Turkeys.