Tibetan Prime Minister Kalon Tripa’s New Year Message

Dharamsala: February 21, 2012

Tashi Delek to Tibetans and friends around the world! Warm Losar greetings from Dharamsala, which falls on February 22.

As requested, please do not celebrate Losar this year, but do observe traditional and spiritual rituals by going to the monastery, making offerings, and lighting butter lamps for all those Tibetans inside Tibet who have sacrificed and suffered under the repressive policies of the Chinese government.

News from Tibet continues to be grim. Tibet is virtually sealed off with foreigners not allowed to enter. Even Chinese tourists are prevented from visiting Tibet, and the military buildup is very heavy. [The Chinese government has launched a massive crackdown on Tibetans who visited India for the Kalachakra Teachings. Several hundred Tibetans have been detained and are being forced to undergo political re-education [please see the news release from Human Rights Watch] . We are extremely worried over what is happening and what might happen inside Tibet. Under such circumstances, please do pray for all Tibetans inside Tibet especially on the third, eight, tenth and fifteenth day of Losar, as these are auspicious days.

March 10, our National Uprising Day, is coming up soon. There will be many other activities as well where Tibetans and our friends will be requested to participate. Please remember and observe the guidelines issued by CTA, which is to organize and participate in events peacefully, legally and with dignity. Peacefully because non-violence is our core principle. Legally as we are in a democratic country and have to follow the law of the land, and with dignity because we are seeking our freedom and dignity

Tibet Lobby Day is also coming up when Tibetans and friends lobby parliaments or the congress and share with members our concern over Tibet and the continuing repressive policies of the Chinese government. This year is especially important given the unfolding tragedy inside Tibet. It is important that we do the best we can to approach as many Congressional members and Parliamentarians as possible so as to make them aware. If possible, please try to have a resolution passed in the parliament or have a good debate on the situation inside Tibet. This way the suffering of Tibetans inside Tibet and their voices will be heard loud and clear around the world, particularly by the leaders in Beijing.

I would like to thank all those Tibetans and friends who participated in the global vigil on February 8. According to various accounts, hundreds of activities were organized around the world, thousands participated, and the day was very successful.

In conclusion, I want to say to our dear brothers and sisters inside Tibet that you are in our hearts and prayers every day.


Pic(file): Tibetan Prime Minister Kalon Tripa with HH Dalai Lama



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  2. Scaut

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