Lhabab Duechen to observe in Sikkim on Nov 24

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Gangtok, November 14, 2013

Tathagata Tsal, Rabong, South Sikkim invites all devotees, pilgrims and well-wishers for the auspicious Lhabab Düchen prayers at the Tathagata Tsal on 24th November, 2013.

Lhabab Duechen is observed to celebrate the descent of Lord Gautama Buddha to the realms of earth after he had left for heaven at the age of 41, having ascended to The Heaven of 32 Trayastrimsa in order to give teachings to benefit the gods in the desire realms and to repay the kindness of his mother by liberating her from Samsara.

One of the four Buddhist festivals commemorating four events in the life of the Buddha, according to religious  traditions, Lhabab Düchen occurs on the 22nd day of the ninth month on a lunar calendar and falls on November 24, this year.

Prayers will be held at the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Buddha Statue and the relics of Lord Buddha presented by 13 countries and housed at the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Statue will be displayed for ‘zeka’ public darshan on the 24th, the main day.

In 2013 Lhabab Duchen starts on Full Moon November 17 and ends November 24. It is believed that during this day, positive or negative actions are multiplied 10 million times. It is part of Buddhist tradition to engage in virtuous activities and prayer on this day.

The Tathagata Tsal has seen a footfall of 41, 960 tourists and visitors from 31st March 2014 to 31st October, 2014.Apart from it 1069 students have also visited the Tsal. A total amount of Rs. 30,18,735 has been collected through Entry fees and donations in the last 7 months since it was consecrated in March, this year.



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