Sikkim Liberation Party condemns police forces

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Gangtok, February 12, 2013

The central office of newly formed regional political party became a victim of police brutality within four hours of it being inaugurated. The incident is not only deplorable, but is deeply condemnable, expressed Sikkim Liberation Party in its press statement.

The Sikkim Liberation Party views that even if someone had pelted empty bottle or else, the act of police entering the party office and initiating brutal assault is a direct violation of Constitutional provisions.

It would have been the duty of the police to ask the party leaders to hand over and surrender the said unruly element. Instead the police showed unconstitutional audacity of entering the party office, said Sikkim Liberation Party while condemning the brutal act of the State Police.

Sikkim Liberation Party further said that India is one of the largest democracy of the world which is governed by the Constitution. The Constitution has given equal status to the opposition parties also.

It further stated the Constitution of India does (with exception during emergency) not permit a force to enter the premise of temple, mosque, church or the office of the political party.The incident of 11 February is a clear violation of the Constitutional provision under the benefaction of police and this is not a rare case.

The elected governments in Sikkim for the past 37 years have been repeatedly violating the Constitution of the country, the party alleged.

Sikkim Liberation Party would like to draw the attention of the Govt. of India in this matter. The party also expresses solidarity to those who were injured during the barbaric police action.



  1. Sarang Ansari

    We Sindhis support the freedom of slave nations
    Jeay Sindh Quomi Mahaz Sindh

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