Population of Sikkim touches the mark of 6, 07,688 lakhs

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The Director of Census Operation, Sikkim has released its paper on the Census of India 2011 carried out in State on 9th to 28th of February 2011and the book was released at ICAR Auditorium hall, Daragaon which was chaired by the Joint Director Directorate of Census operation cum in charge of Assam and Sikkim State Dr. Dilip Kumar Dey along with Director PIB and Deputy Director of Director of Census Operation, Sikkim Mr. MK Dorjee.

The released paper -2, volume 2 of Census 2011 carries the provisional population total of rural and urban distribution of state and the said facts and the data collected are through the enumerators abstracts based on three parameters namely total Population, population 0-6yrs, and literates by residence and sex.

The Census 2011 is the 15th Census of India since 1972 and the census 2011 was carried out in two phases like house listing and house census along with preparation of NPR starting from 1st April to 15th of May 2010 and population enumeration from 9th to 28th February 2011 respectively.

As per the released paper the total population of India is 121.02 crores in which 83.31crores is rural (close to 1991 population 84.64crores) and 37.71 crores urban, whereas in regards to Sikkim the total population is 6, 07,688 lakhs out of which 4, 55, 962 is rural population and 1, 51, 726 population is urban respectively.

Furthermore as per the percentage decadal growth (Persons) 2001-11 of Sikkim state is totaling to about 12.36% out of which rural is -5.20% and urban is 153.43%.

Adding more there has been no jurisdictional changes in respect to district, sub districts, towns, census town and villages is concerned in Sikkim state compared to 2001 and 2011 census where as the percentage share of total population is concerned there has been remarkable decline in rural share to about 13.9% but subsequent increased of 13.9% has been seen in urban areas making no changes at all.

The released paper informed that out of 35 states and union territories across nation Sikkim stands in the 25th position. The total population of state is 607688 out of which 455962 is in rural where as 151726 is urban and the urban growth is more compared to rural. The female is more irrespective of rural or urban and the overall sex ratio has increased by 14 points, three in rural and 78 in urban areas.

The released paper has also specified the population district wise especially of urban areas in east district it is 120750 the highest followed by south district with 21089, west district is 5239 and north being the largest in area is only with 4648. Likewise the rural population categorized is east district with 160543, west district with 131060, south district 125653 and north district is just 38706 respectively.

While addressing the media Director PIB said that that Census information or collection of data of population is important as the Government of India on the basis of the census prepares the schemes for the up liftment and development of the states concerned and the nation as a whole. Furthermore Director PIB stated that the citizens must be well aware of the information disseminated by Director of Census Operation as this generates the awareness amongst all individual

Likewise Joint Director Dr. Dey informed that the paper released today is just the provisional data abstracted from enumerator’s information but the real and the third paper is under process which will have all the exact facts and figures and the same will be soon released too but till then the provisional one will be in operation. Informing about the socio- economic and cast census Dr. Dey said that the month for carrying out the census is proposed that is in the month of October in Sikkim but the date for the same is yet to be finalized where as on National Population Register Dr. Dey stated that the first phase that is of collection of data is complete and is under data entry process and the second phase of the same that is of taking photography of individual will be initiated soon.

When question about the increase of urban population in state compared to 2001 data Dr. Dey said that it might be due to formation of Municipality Corporation and Nagar Panchayats due to which the areas falling under rural are converted into urban areas or towns and apart from that the expansion of urban areas too.



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