Nepali Sahitya Parishad is not sold or leased out: BK Roka

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Condemning the allegations that were put on the executive body of the Nepali Sahitya Parishad (NSP) Bhawan Trust by its former President Mr Sanu Lama for giving the building of NSP at Development Area, Gangtok in lease to the National School of Drama, President NSP Mr BK Roka denied all the allegations.

Mr. Roka said that all the allegations are false and baseless and the NSP is not and never will be sold. Addressing a press conference that was held on 3rd May at the NSP Mr BK Roka said that they did not sell or lease out the Bhawan but some people are trying to defame the name of NSP and its executive members.

Mr. Roka further informed that NSP Bhawan is facing problems since few years because of financial crisis and have to pay Rs.17 lakhs to Bank and if the trust fails to pay the loan then bank will seize the Bhawan. In such an adverse situation the executive body had decided to rent the building so that some funds could be collected which is very essential to save the NSP at this point of time. This arrangement is to continue for three years after which NSP hopes to collect enough fund to save the NSP as well as construct another building.

Mr. Roka further mentioned that they have decided to give the Bhawan to Culture Department, Government of Sikkim who will do work with National School of Drama. “Rumours of the alleged leasing of NSP was spread by some politician and intellectual, who have given negative statement about the NSP but they never enquired the matter with them (NSP) before giving their statement” says Mr. Roka.

NSP is a public property and they are duty bound to save it. He also alleged that Mr. Sanu Lama had also given the room in rent during his tenure but he did not collect money from the tenant. It was further informed that the room was given at that time to one Mr Deepak Lama who is a relative of Sanu Lama, and lived at NSP without paying a single rupee and who still owes above Rs 2 lakhs to NSP, but Mr. Sanu Lama did not raise the voice against Mr Deepak.

He further stated that after formation new committee they have always tried to do creative activities and have also achieved significant success but some people never seem to notice the positive works being carried out by the new executive body.

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