The Karmapa controversy takes a new turn

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17th Karmapa claimant Dawa Sangpo Dorjee has announced that he wants to compromise with the other two Karmapa claimants.

In a press conference held in Tathangchen on 6th May Dawa Sangpo announced that if the two other claimants are willing to compromise, he too ready to settle this issue, provided that he sits at the middle of the two!

The true claimant should be the chief of all the three claimants Ogyen Trinley Dorjee, Thaye Thinley Dorjee, Dawa Sangpo Dorjee and should sit in between them at his rightful throne at Rumtek.

Dawa Sangpo mentioned that few years back His Holiness the Dalai Lama had mentioned in a National magazine Out Look that the three Karmapa claimants namely Ogyen Trinley Dorjee, Dawa Sangpo Dorjee and Thaya Thinley Dorjee should compromise and take their seat at Rumtek Monastery. “I am ready to follow the direction of His Holiness, but I will sit between the two Rimpoche. If they will agree with me then I am ready to compromise”, he further added. Reiterating his earlier stand he again said that if the two are not willing to compromise then he is ready and quipped that he will form a reception committee and well come them in Rumtek Monastery.

Dawa Sangpo Dorjee also appealed to the His Holiness to resolve this issue soon. Adding that His Holiness is also growing old and after His Holiness the matter will become even complicated. He also appealed to all the devotees to choose the real Karmapa. He also promised to forgive all the mistake of Karmapa claimants Ogyen Trinley Dorjee who had done a lot of mistake in past days.

When asked about this new development in the Karmapa argument President of Sikkim Karmapa Committee, Mr. Wangdi Tshering Lama said that the committee welcomes the decision of Dawa Sangpo Dorjee. He informed that few days back Dawa Sangpo Dorjee had visited Kathmandu, Nepal where many followers visited him. During the visit they decided to form a committee in Nepal also. He further mentioned that Karmapa controversy should be resolved soon. Adding that until and unless the true Karmapa is installed in Rumtek Dharma Chakra Centre serious social problems and natural calamities will plague the society.

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  • lachungpa

    Joker lama!!!!!! Go out and meditate man. I think thats the right thing for you if you really are the Karmapa rather than making a mockery of yourself. You are proving that you are dasperate, pathetic etc etc.
    PAGLA LAMA is the title that suits you right.

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