Chief Minister enrolled under Unique Identification Number

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A team headed by Director General, Department of Economic, Statistics Monitoring and Evaluation, Shri S.D. Tshering along with Project Coordinator Shri T. Gelek and Enrolment Agency “Four G” called on the Chief Minister, Shri Pawan Chamling at his official residence Mintokgang, today, for the enrollment of the Chief Minister under Unique Identification Number(UID). The enrolment drive will soon commence after the issue of UID or Aadhaar number of the Honourable Chief Minister.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has been setup by the Government of India with the mandate to issue unique identification number of Aadhaar to all residents in the country. UIDAI proposes to create a platform to first collect the identity details like demography, and then perform authentication that can be used by several government and commercial service providers. In order to ensure that each identity is unique and unduplicated, biometric details like, finger prints of all ten fingers of the hand, iris and photograph of each and every person will be captured.

The main objectives behind the UID project are as under:

1)      To give unique identity number to all residents of the country

2)      To ensure financial inclusion of the poor/rural people through UEBA (UID enabled Bank accounts)

3)      TO create a robust benefit/delivery mechanism for ensuring last mile delivery.

4)      The UID number is proposed to be incorporated in all identity based schemes and process like Ration Card, Bank Accounts, Passport and flagship projects of government of  India.

5)      Development of a database for effective monitoring and evaluation.

The UIDAI is under the Planning Commission and is headed by Shri Nandan Nikekani who is the Chairman. The State of Sikkim has signed a memorandum of understanding to implement the project. An Empowered Committee of Cabinet headed by the Honorable Chief Minister and comprising of Cabinet Ministers has been formed to implement the UID project in Sikkim. This committee is chaired by the Chief Secretary who is the Chairman and the Director General, Department of Economic, Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation (DESM&E) is the Member Secretary of the Committee. The Director General DESM&E) is the Nodal Officer and DESM&E has been declared by Government of Sikkim as the Nodal Department and Registrar for implementation of the UID project.

All residents of the State are required to bring along with them a photocopy of documents Ration Card or Voter ID Card or Diving License or NAREGS Job Card or Passport or COI or PAN Card or Photo Bank ATM Card or Pension Photo Card or any Government photo ID with address details or any certificate of identity having photo issued/signed by Group A Gazette Officer and panchayat/counselor.




    Well this process of identifying bonafide citizen’s is the mother of necessity.i.e.Unique Identification number or Aadhaar number(UID)which has been recently introduced and this law will come in force very early in order to get protected from the foreigners…it will be implemented possibly as soon as can because this would be the only route to distinguish people from whereabouts whosoever have influx and posses fake identification certificate and has been claming the rights of the inhabitant’s …thus,by UID’s standard procedure the citizen’s can enjoy their rights in its fullest and enhance the schemes precisely designed for them by the govt. eventually, it will also help the basic commodities provided by govt. reach to the rightful or respective person’s who deserves it the most..
    Most importantly,in border states like sikkim and other states it is must be implemented. let us corporate and coordinate with the Chief Secretary who is the Chairman and the Director General of Department of Economic, Statistics, Monitoring and Evaluation( DESM&E).the director general is also nodal officer and DESM&E has declared by Government of Sikkim as the Nodal Department and Registrar for implementation of the UID project. in the state to save our state and country…
    Therefore,I as a local and a national citizen I whole heartedly thank PLANING COMMISSION OF INDIA and our C.M. for bringing such extraordinary project for the protection for the entire people of nation…LONG LIVE OUR LEADER!!!

  • Mr.L

    Mr. SONG..I completely agree with you………….
    This Unique Identification (UIDAI) is the visionary planning of Govt. of India, launched on 29th September, 2010.

    It is meant for identification of actual person because we already have lots of foreign nationalist living without any proper identification in our Sikkim state. The main problem is how do we identify the person that he/she is Sikkimese Indian? What we need now is distinguish between insider and outsider because all’s color is same and they can speak local language fluently.

    And the other thing is that it will help to prevent Illegal immigration into our state; means stop the influx of unwanted person. Most importantly actual person will get lots of benefits through this implementation.

    Terrorist ko threats laygarda yo (UID) policy ekdamai jaruri cha ani national security ma pani yogdhaan hunaychan.

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