19th day of village to village tour of CM

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The 19th day of the village to village tour of the Chief Minister started from Rumbuk, West Sikkim today from where he proceeded towards Rodhi Bazar, buriakhop and addressed the gathering.

While addressing the gathering the Chief Minister asked the students to search for a better name of Buriakhop. The student whose name is the best and is selected will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 50,000/-, the Chief Minister declared. Further, he said that the names of the places have to be correctly spelt and pronounced. The names of many places have been changed in due course of time. Nobody has the right to change the name of a place. A permission of the government has to be obtained and a notification has to be taken out by the government to change the name of a place, the Chief Minister said. The Chief Minister also gave certain instances where the names of the places have been changed without the notice of the government and directed the Secretary, Land Revenue Department to look into the matter seriously and see that the names of places of the state are correctly named.

Talking on the Right to Education Act which has been implemented throughout the country the Chief Minister said that the act does not permit corporal punishment to the students and the students cannot be failed up to tenth standard. This does not mean that the students are now free from their responsibility towards their education. The act instead has increased the responsibility of the students towards their education, the Chief Minister said. In this context the Chief Minister also talked about the Education Family and the collective responsibility of citizens from all walks of life for the development of education.

With regard to demand on tourism sector the Chief Minister said that tourism sector is on the high priority list of the government because it is high time that the people adopt themselves to a new profession. New concept on tourism related activities is always welcome and if the people seriously think in this line and go for it with dedication then the government will sanction all the demands on this sector after studying the feasibility of the projects.

During the day long tour the Chief Minister also met the people at Timburbung, Chyakhung and Chumbung.



  • skmese

    My dear citizen’s situated at lachen,lachung and chungthang, north sikkim,the time has arrived to be handy with innovative ideas to one and for all and once and for all as our HCM is on move so shall he be in your respective areas very soon to solve all the short comings of the place and let us make the most of this opportunity which is our way ,as our honorable Honcho is on field with entire administration to settle the grief of yours and mine,that is why we do not afford to leave any room for error but let us transform this visit of our HCM’s into golden egg that showers rich development in the place… …lets become more cooperative and make good coordination to make things happen according to our HCM’s vision to elevate and make much more better place for the living of sikkimese…besides,I know there have always been some anti social elements well knitted trying to intercept the village to village tour of our HCM in between as they do not want to see any development in the state and as well trying to abort the mission 2015 but lets ensure them that we will not get carried away by their ill personalities any longer…

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