Sikkim Woman Commission Chair on Agamlok

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The inhuman incident that happened in Agamlok on 12th February has left the entire state shuddering. Whereas while probing deep into the incident some other factors are also coming to the fore. Chairperson, Sikkim Woman Commission, Subhadra Rai in an exclusive with Sikkim Mail said that this is a very serious incident which should not be taken lightly. She mentioned that though the incident happened on 12th February but the Commission was informed only on 22nd February, that too neither by the victim nor the Police but by one of the members of the Commission itself. The Chairperson came to know about this incident on 22nd night and she herself went to Agamlok on the morning of 23rd to investigate the matter. However the victim was not in Agamlok, the Commission further located the victim and had a talk with her. But the victim seemed very scared at first and was not able to cooperate with the Commission members. Later when she sensed that they are there to help her she further threw light on the incident, which was even more shocking than the news of the incident, she said.

During the investigation it revealed that the victim is actually from Kamrang and is divorced (name has been withheld). The victim is still in a state of shock and has clear and visible marks of physical abuse on her body. But what is very surprising and sad is the silence of the villagers of Agamlok over the incident. A woman is beaten, stripped of her clothes and made to parade in a shameful state, and still the people of the village are watching as silent spectators, with no word of protest or sympathy for the victim. What is even more surprising is that the FIR which was lodged by the victim did not mention anything about the physical abuse (read torture). It simplymentioned quarrel. The FIR was lodged in the presence of a lady Panchayat from the area. Did the Police not see the conspicuous marks of abuse in the body of the victim? The public is bound to ask. However a meeting between the victim and DIG, Range was fixed by the Commission, after which the DIG has assured of all assistance from the Police Department. SP (East) has also shown interest in the case and has come forward to help the victim get justice. The incident was not just of dishonoring a woman in public but there is more to this incident than the facts put before the eyes.

More than twelve days have passed after this shameful incident and the area MLA (Regu), Laxman Lepcha is nowhere in the picture. Being the people’s representative, he is duty bound to look after the safety and security of his people. Does the duty of an elected representative ends on the dais where he is deified by the people, or are they only there to inaugurate football matches and give away Government benefits?, she wondered. It was KB Chamling even though he is a former MLA of Regu, who helped the Commission in its

The culprits however have been given bail by the Police but the Commission is trying to have them rearrested and wants the case to be legally settled by a court of law. It was also informed that the Chief Minister, Pawan Chamling who is known for his pro women policies and his respect for women has taken a serious note of this incident and has ordered a quick disposal of this case.

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  • Monica

    If Mr. Chamling wants a quick disposal of this case…. please giver order to Police Dpt. to arrest those Assailants and investigate area MLA, Police who were on duty and Spectators.


    yes miss Monica i completely agree with you.i still wonder how could they be provided bail????.those animals must be prosecuted along with the cold hearted people(dignity less),who even made the equal contribution to get things worse…anti social humans have no right to live in the society….i do believe that soon they will be sentenced by the court of law and make appropriate hearing for their animus and inhuman act..i hope law has already heard misery,yowl and grief of her..
    let us pray for to have her normal life again…God bless her!!!

  • Tiger

    Hindi film ma dhekhako jasto..Public haru tamasha heardai basay ko??.. Bhai giri (Dadagiri) sanga state ko Police pani daraucha ki k ho?? yo ta non-bailable ho bail out kasari bo??? SP shaab Bhangra garnu hundai cha ki k ho??? BOLO TA RA RA RAAAAA

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