Sikkim’s organic produce in the global market

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A team from SIMFED visits Germany and Holland to promote Sikkim’s organic products

GANGTOK, March 3, 2011:
The State of Sikkim is heading to become a complete organic state by 2015. The strength of Sikkim Organics market is also boosted by continuous efforts of the State Government which supports Organic Agriculture with its Sikkim Organic Mission 2015. To achieve this objectives SIMFED has been taking strides in the same direction and is in touch with the international market.

Consequent to the above, an invitation was received from the organizers of Bio-Fach Fair and Exhibitions SIMFED. Bio Fach Fairs and Exhibition is a major tool for stakeholders falling in the Organic industry to promote sales and to coordinate the supply and demand. A team comprising of Chairman Mr. G.C. Rai, Managing Director Mr. Brijendra Swaroop, IFS and other officials of SIMFED visited Bio-Fach Exhibition held at Nuremberg Germany commencing from 17th February till 19th February 2011. The trade fair provided a meeting point for the buyers and sellers of the Organic World as well.

The delegates from SIMFED had business meetings with various potential buyers of organic products of Sikkim M/s Grain Millers of USA. They showed interest in procurement of organic buckwheat. M/s Lehman Nature, M/s Somar Ex and M/s Rein Saat also showed interest in the various organic products of Sikkim. These meetings resulted in SIMFED getting a trial order of 1 container of certified organic ginger from M/s Bio Tropic of Germany and once it succeeds the buyer has agreed to buy regularly through out the year. An order of 950 bottles of certified organic sea buck thorn juice has also been confirmed by M/s Guyapi of France.

A meeting with Executive Director of ICCOA was conducted to strengthen the organic marketing in India and abroad. A meeting with M/s Rein Saat of Austria regarding procurement of organic seeds for vegetables and other crops and with Mr. Peter Van Gilst official of Dutch Foreign Ministry for promotion of marketing and development of market of SIMFED in Europe was also held.

The team visited Holland for specific purpose of marketing and production of various floriculture produce. The team visited Flora, Holland (Biggest Auction Centre of Flowers in the World) to see and find the potential for flowers export.

In order to provide floriculture input at a reasonable cost to various contractual farmers and HCCDD the team had a meeting with M/s Van Den Bos, M/s VWS for Lilium and Tulip bulbs and M/s J.D. Maarse and M/s de Ruiter for quantity planting stick of Roses.

The exhibition and other meetings provided the delegation a platform to showcase the organic produce of Sikkim and experience the advancement of organic agriculture, newer technologies, products, processes and its derivatives. It gave the delegation an opportunity to participate with the world of organic agriculture with a broad spectrum of international stake holding groups.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



  • navin pithadia

    which ofganic products are in highest demand from sikkim state .Does sikkim interested in herbs particularly colurful herbs which are marketed in USA


    I am very impressed with the sikkim govt. and people for putting the effort in changing sikkim into organic state.I had been living in Sikkim for almost a decade so I love the state. I am looking for doing business importing the organic products from sikkim. It will be more meaning full if you advertise in the website the possible exported goods.

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