‘Our India’- a book by Sikkim Governor launched

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Gangtok, 26th May:

‘Our India’, a book written by the Governor of Sikkim, Shri. Balmiki Prasad Singh, was officially launched in New Delhi on 25th May, 2011. The launch was attended by Dr. Karan Singh, who was the Chief Guest for the occasion, Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble Union Minister, Education, M.J. Akbar, Editorial Director, India Today and various other personalities from the fields of art, academics and public service, from all across the country.

The event commenced with Director NCERT delivering the welcome speech; this was followed by Shri MJ Akbar presenting the book to the audience. Later, Shri Akbar spoke about how the tolerant attitude of the Indians has enabled the country to fulfill its ideals of a secular and democratic nation. He added that it is testimony to India’s greatness that every Indian is ‘provided the opportunity to contribute to the economic development of the country’.

Dr. Karan Singh said that after sixty-five years, Our India has been rewritten. The first one was written by Shri Pinu Masani. Dr. Singh said that the book is a wonderful gift for the school children and commended Shri. B.P. Singh for successfully narrating the boundless history of India in twenty-four pages.

Shri. Kapil Sibal also spoke on the occasion highlighting the importance of the book in understanding India’s history. He applauded the multiple perspectives provided by the book.

Published by NCERT for inclusion in school syllabus, Our India is a synoptic narrative of Indian history which offers fresh perspectives in the evolution of India as a country of “hoary antiquity” to a nation-state with exemplary institution of democracy and pluralism.

The book describes India’s transformation in terms of five key civilizational encounters, viz, the intermingling of the Aryans with the autochthons during the Vedic period; the advent of Jainsim and Buddhism in the sixth BCE; the meeting of the Hindusim and Islam; the coming of the British and India’s epic freedom struggle; and the present Information and Communication technology revolution.

(courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



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