Chamling visits left out places of South Sikkim

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Namchi, June 29:

“Woods are lovely dark and deep B
But I’ve promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep
Miles to go before I sleep”
-Robert Frost
Chief Minister Pawan Chamling seems to have followed it religiously.

Right after winding up the tour of West Sikkim, Chamling visited Falaydara, Lower Boomtaar, Sallebong Rong, Sumbuk and Mazitaar, the area which was left in the first phase of his south district visit.

In Mazitaar he inaugurated a newly built Government Lower Primary School and urged the students to be creative and productive and be good individuals rather than only successful ones. Addressing the public in the compound area at Mazitaar, Chamling referring to the demands of regularization of forest land occupied by the people at Mazitaar Compound area. He directed the Forest Department to take up the matter with the Government of India for forest clearance in the interest of the people.

During this visit his message to the people of this area was to realize how the present government has been persistent in providing the people with the quality services and fill their lives with happiness index which is running north. In Sallebong, Mr. Chamling was quick to point out how the value of the remotest of remote areas of the state has shot up in this last 17 years of his governance, which just goes on to indicate how much the development and positive growth has taken place in Sikkim.

Children gift CM Chamling a plant during his south Sikkim visit

Children gift CM Chamling a plant during his south Sikkim visit

Chamling was also very vocal about how people should also come forward to contribute and shoulder the responsibilities of making Sikkim more prosperous with the kind of rights and facilities they are enjoying. During his visit to Rong he visited the Government School there and the students from the said school welcomed him with the kind of zeal and passion which was sparkling in their eyes to see the leader who has ushered the state towards the path of prosperity.

The Chief Minister was also presented with a sapling of medicinal plant by students of a school. He appreciated the demo of the medicinal plants and herbs which was displayed by the students of the school. We have seen the ground reality and the kinds of problem being faced by the people and have marked the areas of concern and these little hitches with be soon be thing of the past Mr. Chamling affirmed.

In Sumbuk where a large gathering welcomed him in the Block Administrative Center compound he led a patient hearing to the people and the problems faced by them. He asked them to come forward and inform individually. This is something unprecedented and something which will be very hard for any Chief Ministers from the nation to parallel. Mr. Chamling with this 40 days tour has not only brought the government and the government machinery close to each and every individuals of remotest of remote places of the state but has also been able to erase any differences or reservation people had against the government and its functioning. Doubts which maybe have been in the minds of the people about the government has been erased and people have realized how unremittingly and relentlessly the government has worked for the people of the state with quality service and facilities which has come to our door steps, said a young boy from the area.

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    There were plenty of us who realized that the village to village tour of Dr. Chamling is favoring the villagers.

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