Gangtok footpath could feature in Limca Book of Records

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Rebyna Rana

Gangtok, JUNE 20:

Sikkim has joined the race of development very soon and is now amongst the best performing States in the entire region and an exemplary small State in the Indian Union. The Government within a short time has created many public properties like drinking water facility, beautification of markets, plantation, fly overs etc. Maximum care is being taken by the State Government as well as the Police to minimize the man- vehicle conflict.

At many places safe fly overs have been provided so that people can safely cross the road and the one and the most significant achievement of the Government towards this direction is the ‘footpath’ that runs the entire length of the city starting from Vajra which ends only at Ranipool. This is a gift that the Government has given to its people for their safety, but his gift can be utilized only be the people themselves. That is why we hear of a lot of road accidents, of people being run down by vehicles even today. Constructed sometime in 2007- 08 it is complete with fencing and tiled, four feet.

The tourists visiting Gangtok from outside are seen enjoying their walk in these beautiful footpaths which they find quite impressive. It may not ne wrong to say that the footpath is one of its kind in the entire region, may be a contender for the record books like Limca Book or Records. But the sad part is the condition of these footpaths, which is deteriorating fast as at places the fences have been damaged because of sheer negligence and at places the footpaths are actually used by people as the extension of their own private property. Often people are seen walking on the highway during peak traffic hours as if they have come for a walk in the gardens totally oblivious of the footpath. So what can such behavior be called, if not stupidity.

If the civil society shows their civic sense and start walking in the footpath, respect the beautiful amenity that has been created just for their safety, roads may be spared of much of the rage, as being hit by a vehicle “on” the footpath is almost impossible. For our own safety and to set an example for the progeny – let’s start using the Footpath.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



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