Holistic organises on day Workshop on Biodiversity Conservation

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Gangtok, 16th June:
As per the sanction accorded to the Holistic (HMPAE) Gangtok for the
one day workshop on Biodiversity Conservation by the Ministry of
Environment and Forest Government of India, the programme was organized involving the different stakeholders of Sikkim state at the Conference Hall of Holistic (HMPAE) Middle Burtuk Gangtok Preference were given to the progressive SHGs, FCs, Youths and the villagers of the forest fringes of Sikkim.

Rich biodiversity of State Sikkim now needs the Biodiversity register
for the database management. Based on the biodiversity register, the
access and benefit sharing (ABS) mechanism can be performed as per
biodiversity act 2002, an integrated profile of this programme on
biodiversity conservation with biodiversity management committees,
henceforth, require for the convergence activities. It is significant
for social, economical, natural resources, environment and human
capital development for sustainability. Under the purview of this
programme, it covered the following objectives which are database of
indigenous knowledge to conserve and strengthen the natural resource
base, to make agriculture and other natural resources based activities
more informative and support rural livelihoods through access and
benefit sharing to alleviate poverty. The success indicators of
this programme are awareness on the natural resources participation of
more members in BMC/SHGs/FCs, control on forest exploitation and people’s participation in forest management.

In the technical session, the programme was graced by Chief Guest Mohd
Smile, AGM, NABARD, Dr Durga Kr Pradhan, Principal Scientist(HARC),
Ramesh Bhatt, Manager, NABARD, Bijay Singh, Development Assistant,
NABARD, Puran Chettri, YC, NYK (East) and Janak Chettri, Representative of DIC, Industries Department. The significance of biodiversity and its roles were sequentially discussed and further put light on the role of last person of society for the biodiversity management as well. The biodiversity registers were also distributed to the participants

for the participatory role in the forest management for the village
development. Dr Arun Kumar Pradhan finally made a closing remark where he added that this activity will converge with other value addition
programmes of Holistic and further he extended thanks to ENVIS Centre ,
FEWMD for necessary support.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



  • zakaimam

    More such meetings are welcome.We all must work for preservation of Sikkim’s biodiversity.

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