My incarnation could even be a little girl: HH Dalai Lama

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Melbourne: Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama told the Chinese-Australian interviewer Amy Chien-Yu Wang of Mandarin News Australia that his reincarnation could even be a little girl. He said that it could happen since females are more capable of showing affection and compassion. He also said that his reincarnation would most likely occur outside of Tibet and concluded that only time would tell how the next Dalai Lama’s role would be different from his own.

The Mandarin News Australia airs on the country’s Chinese-language station SBS Two. The Dalai Lama also talked about Tibetan autonomy and the unbalanced relationship between Australia and China. On his eighth visit to Australia, the young Chinese-Australian journalist asked His Holiness a range of questions aimed at clarifying his position on these issues for the show’s mostly Chinese audience.

About the current close relationship between Australia and China in the Asia-Pacific zone His Holiness said that while good relations were important, only a friendship based on respect and not on appeasement would produce a win-win outcome.

When asked how he felt about the Chinese government labelling him a troublemaker, His Holiness laughed and joked that “in order to justify that accusation, I have to create little problems!”, adding that such accusations do not worry him because common sense allows most people to see that what he stands for is Truth. He said however that communist hard-liners who were narrow-minded and full of ignorance failed to see this reality and did not know what it was. On Tibetan autonomy, His Holiness claimed that to escape the current disastrous “one side win, one side lose” situation in Tibet, genuine autonomy should be given by handing control over religious and educational affairs to the Tibetan people.

The host also raised the subject of the Dalai Lama’s recent devolvement of political power to the elected Kalon Tripa Lobsang Sangay, and asked whether this was a move on his part to prevent the Chinese government from assigning their own Dalai Lama. His Holiness said that he still had at least fifteen or twenty years ahead of him, and that it would be quite difficult for Beijing to appoint a young boy to his position.

His Holiness lastly reiterated his position that today’s society is in need of moral education, based on compassion and the idea that people must show others affection in order to serve humanity. When asked how it felt to be a refugee, he gave one of his characteristic chuckles and said that Tibetan exiles had found a new home where they had plenty of freedom, something they do not have in their Tibetan homeland, and that those in exile in India had returned to the birthplace of Buddhism and thus had many opportunities to learn new things.

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  • Chris

    Big deal. Another politically correct statement. He of course doesn’t tell you that women couldn’t even entered a monastery in Tibet pre-1959. Except to be Used as consorts to these old ugly lamas “as good for their practice” then discarded when they were used up. Please get the hook on this hypocrite.

    There are two female Kagyu Lamas I know of , and they are just as arrogant as the male lamas, and as convinced they are” living reincarnated deities” as the men, on those golden thrones. They often appeal to women, so you can get the female crowd of faithfoolslike some women like to go to female therapists. These female lamas can be like nazis, called “identificatiion with the aggressor”.

  • Suzy Charnas

    Hey, Chris — I know what you mean; I have a cousin who was a selfish, greedy, cold person as a Hippie, went to Nepal and became a selfish, greedy, cold Buddhist nun. So what? All religions attract these types of adherents. It’s more useful to judge a religion by its best — if judge you must (Catholic school? Nuns?). I notice HHDL doesn’t seem to claim that Buddhism is best; he merely offers himself as an example of the best of one sort of Buddhism. All religions that I know of have been appropriated by men, who use them to oppress women and “lesser” men, and to exalt themselves. They also produce fine, gentle exemplars of the original intent of their religion (see: John XXIII). Their job isn’t to fix the world (that’s OUR job). It’s to show what people can be at their best.

    HHDL speaks calm sense, preaches kindness, and bubbles with joy — not joy he found *in* his life, I suspect , but joy he brought *to* his life (those goofy little chuckles). Between the two of you, I know who I’d choose to spend time with and learn from.

  • Chris

    There is nothing I can say to anyone about this, If they haven’t had experience with this lama feudal theocracy, and only know the “face they present “to the world, then you won’t believe me. I have had decades in these lama sects. They have been taking from the loving arms of real women, traumatized, and then raised as living deities since they were 4 years old, put on thrones . This has resulted in such a profound narcissism and a delusional belief system of magic and reincarnation and superstition. When DL is in the US his consorts with the wealthy and conservative forces and talks about “democracy.” When he is speaking to Chinese, he is a Marxist, when he is in Sikkim, with his rich Hindustani devotees, its all about guru worship , when he is with Tibetans he exploits their syncophantic, 14th century mindsets and keeps them enthralled. His is what ever you want him to be, since this is all about theatre and projection of others who need something “outside” themselves to tell them what to think , what to believe. He is a fundametalist theocrat joining with other fundamental theocrats around the world to keep us “pacified” so we dont take to the streets over the corporate kleptocracies that are turning us all into 21st century serfs. Peace and love and “compassion.” are all useless without our critical intelligence intact. It is called “idiot compassion” that he is preaching all over the world now, Compassion without wisdom to know what to accept and reject. If people knew who these lamas really were, what their agenda really was, how chameleon-like they are, FOR ONLY ONE reason, to keep the donations and monies pouring in to STAY on those golden thrones forever, enthralling the masses. Those of you who live in India, you know what he has not done for the ordinary Tibetans in Exile, who are still ignorant, their Tibetan schools are inadequate, they don’t go on to higher education like their Chinese Tibetans, and why? Because he has filled their heads with deity worship nonsense, kept them from joining the 21st century for 3 generations. Kept them from having the educations in a free society that they needed. And now? He has been negotiating to return to China to help repress the ethinc Tibetans there with his superstitious nonsense, but not before he enthralls the whole world into sheepdom with his made up Buddhism that is about pursuing happiness by giving up individuality. He is a feudal theocrat in robes of “many colors” depending on the crowd. This is theism of the worst sort, because it is disguised as a politically correct belief in nothing. These lamas don’t help anyone else but themselves to our money. They are parasites, just as they have been for 900 years living off the superstitions and hope of the ignorance and fantasies of some future Shangri Lai. They have kept people enslaved and enthralled in Tibet for centuries and now they are trying to do it world wide.

    Just because he “talks compassion” (hes been trained his whole life to enthrall crowds) doesn’t mean they have a clue about the real world, caring for others, raising chidren, getting their hands dirty, actually DOING SOMETHING REAL to help people. He is negotiating his world politics agenda to be the new age religion for the 21st corporatocracies, all this from his 8th century bubble. You all know this in Sikkim, who does he hang out with? The same rich benefactors and Hindus, just like in the States he hangs out with rich idiot movie stars and the wealthy neoliberal and conservative forces that are all scared to death the masses are going to revolt. His world tour is for ONE REASON, to help the rich kleptocrats get on with their work of stealing from us to become even wealthier hoping we wont notice anymore as the Dalai turns us all into sheep, just like the Dalai Lamas did for 300 years with their own people and this Dalai Lama did in Dharmasala for the last 60 years with the Tibetans in Exile, with his nonsense of a Free Tibet. It should have been concerned with a Free Tibet in Exile, instead of the fantasies he filled their heads with. And when he goes back to China as the Potala Palace Tourist mongol of the new tourist Tibetan Buddhism in China, he will leave those Tibetans in Exile without a backward glance for India to cope with, just as he left them in Tibet in 1959, with his ton of gold and weath . These lamas always go where the money is. There are many millionaire Chinese and thats where parasites and predators living off others always gravitiate, where the weath and the power is next perceived..

  • Suzy Charnas

    Can you offer evidence for any of your statements about the DL? Where can I find the names of the wealthy conservatives he hangs out with in the US or in other countries? Are there news reports backing this up? When he “talks like Marxist” to the Chinese, what does he say? Have you been in the room? I’m not calling you a liar — *I* certainly haven’t been in the room — but I’d like to see some back up. Otherwise, this sounds like a political diatribe that could come right out of China as part of the general Chinese effort to discredit the DL. Or it could come from your own frustration with the ugliness of the way the world has been going lately, under the rise of completely ruthless capitalism everywhere — a frustration that many share. Are you saying that you yourself have lived as a lama for decades? I wouldn’t expect that from a person calling himself “Chris”, but of course screen names are not reliable indicators of anything much. I hope you’ll write here about the background of your convictions in theses matters. I wouldn’t venture to defend the whole structure of lama-Buddhism, since I’m not personally experienced with it; but to completely reverse my ideas and opinions about HHDL *specifically* as a public individual, people would need more than unverifiable general statements condemning him and the horse he rode in on.

  • Chris

    Censoring? Whose running this paper ? The lama lovers? This women ASKED for references and that’s all I gave. . Must not be any free press in India re: Lamas and their lama lobotomized devotees? Do Dalai Lamists run this paper?

    Why would ANYONE invest in India these days? That is the question you are making arise in the minds of the WEST with all this GURU BALONEY WORSHIP. This is the 21st century , you cant have it both ways.

  • Chris

    Well Suzy I have tried TWICE now to send the documentation you asked for, and apparently I Sikkim doesn’t want it published. You will have to ask THEM why. Apparently Sikkim Indian Press doesn’t want to tarnish D.L.’s image. Scared of the ramifications I guess.

    Tells you who is really running Sikkim these days.

  • Chris

    Since this paper refuses my putting the numerous links:

    Google, Dalai Lama NY times CIA
    Google Dalai Lama and So Methodist University
    Google Dalai Lama and George Bush
    Google Dalai Lama and Deserat (Mormon Paper)
    Google Dalai Lama and America Media Watch
    Google Dalai Lama And Australia and Chinese Students and Marxism
    Google Dalai Lama and the 10 Keys to Happiness
    Google Dalai Lama and the Guardian, a British main newspaper that has many articles that expose him.

    Sorry they wouldn’t let me send the links. I have always heard that Sikkim is run by wealthy devotees of these gurus.

  • Chris

    “He was at it again the other day, telling Chinese students that he considers himself a Marxist. This wasn’t just playing to the crowd – although it was reported with surprise (at least in the US), the ideological alignment is longstanding. In 1993, he said: “The economic system of Marxism is founded on moral principles, while capitalism is concerned only with gain and profitability. Marxism is concerned with the distribution of wealth on an equal basis … as well as the fate of those who are underprivileged and in need, and [it] cares about the victims of minority-imposed exploitation. For those reasons, the system appeals to me, and it seems fair.” Of course the Dalai Lama’s a Marxist | Ed Halliwell

    This above article was published on at 16.30 BST on Monday 20 June 2011.

    Also google: Khampa guerillas CIA and Leadville, Colorado. Dalai Lama was given 180,000 a year by the CIA until 1974. Then the NED, National Endowment for Democracy, a front of the CIA has been giving him millions. The US gives the Dalai lama’s Govt in Exile, 22 million a year. India gives him 10 million besides the security they provide for a leader of a NON existent goverment. There is NO transparency where the money goes. His Tibetan Govt in Exile was composed of mostly his relatives. It sure didn’t go to the ordinary Tibetans in Exile whose educational system has been atrocious. Why would he want them educated? I hope that Labsang is starting to take care of the ordinary Tibetans in Exile, and their needs because selling sweaters in Dharmasala while he brought in billions over the years for his OWN agenda, is NOT COMPASSION.

  • Helen Manos

    Chris is probably Chinese…right Chris?? I have been into Tibetan schools in India, unplanned, and they are beautiful, egalitarian and very modern. I was a teacher for 17 years so I have some experience in assessing the system.

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