Open letter to Evangelical Presbyterian Churches of Sikkim

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Binay Gazmer

The Moderator,
Council of Evangelical Presbyterian Churches of Sikkim,(CEPCS)

Date: 03.06.2011

Subject: Seeking information on the disciplinary action of the local Church.


I, Binay Gazmer of Syari, East Sikkim, presently residing at Rabong, South Sikkim would like to appeal to the Council with the following facts:

In my letter no. 03/BG/R/2010 dated 28.01.2011 to your good self, I had sincerely raised few questions on my expulsion by the local church and I waited patiently for the answer for more than four months. As I have not received any answer from your good self, I am compelled to bring this matter through the media.

As per Chapter III, Para 3 of the Constitution of CEPCS, “Discipline shall be administered by the Church committee. The purpose of church discipline is to purify the Church and to lead back to Christ those who have fallen in sin.”… “Where possible Churches should not PROCEED to excommunication until all other means have been exhausted.”

Were any of these above said steps ever taken in my case before implementing a judgment against me?

The word ‘expulsion’ is not found in the constitution of CEPCS instead the word ‘excommunication’ is used under discipline and these two words bear two different meanings. Is expulsion from the church constitutional?

Though both of me and my wife were convicted in the same sin and we were the members of different presbytery under same CEPCS, only I was ‘expelled’ whereas my wife was ‘excommunicated’.

Another Para of the letter written from the then Secretary, Local Church committee vide 164/2/LCC/EPC/Gtk/2007 dated 26.02.07 warned me of going to print media along with my photo if I continue to produce myself as the member of EPCS, Gangtok. How does the Church, a religious Institution justify the threat of media in an official letter??

Why is this kind of discrimination reflected against me? Is it on the basis of caste? As I belong to the Scheduled Caste Community? So, do I understand that CEPCS has caste discriminations? The Christianity preaches equality of castes and creeds but it seems that your CEPCS propagates caste discrimination among your members. Am I the first person to do such unconstitutional act? How many members of the Church were expelled so far for any unconstitutional acts? Moreover, I am not at all interested to produce myself as the member of such Religious Institute like Evangelical Presbyterian Church where the decisions are taken on caste basis.

I do hope that the Council will provide me with the satisfactory answer to the query made under the purview of my right to information within a month.

Thanking you,

RABONG 737139,



  • Ajay Aman Thapa

    Da what happened and what disciplinary action u r talking about???. I know u r a matured Christian and should not repeat sin which u have left behind and washed away by the Blood of Jesus. do not repeat sins and let not the testimony of Jesus go in vain through our lives.

  • Binay Gazmer

    Ajay, did u went through the open letter throughly???? Pliz read it once the content of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • concerned brother

    hi binay
    i know its very hard for you and i totally understand what you are going through. but the fact that what you are going through has got to do with two things.
    1. you are dealing with an institution who believes/practices the tradition of a church. and by tradition means all the crap you are going through.
    2. you are expecting mercy( grace and forgiveness and acceptance and pastoral care..which by the way is Jesus method) from people who tries to run church in a complete democratic format which is completely against the Kingdom of God format.

    i do not know all the details of what happened between you and the institution but this seems clear to me that you have done something that brought all these mess and if you have asked the lord to forgive you …good news..He has already forgiven you….and if you have sinned against the church it is your honest duty to ask the church to forgive you…but if you haven’t done anything againt the church…than its your humble duty to forgive the leaders of the church….AND MOVE ON….because its not the people who saved you but LORD…
    and as a concerned brother….i will be praying for you…Jesus will never fail you…though the church may fail you…so hang in there and go to God…

  • BinayGazmer

    Dear Concerned brother,
    why the lepchas or people of other communities made a mistake like me, then why they were not expelled??????

  • Binay Gazmer

    If U r a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Churches in any part of Sikkim, then pliz rethink Ur membership as it beleves in racial discrimination. EPC uses n abuses its members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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