On train accidents in India

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The Howrah-Delhi-Kalka Mail accident at Malwan in Uttar Pradesh that killed more than 60 people and injured hundreds and Guwahati-Puri Express blast that injured over 100 passengers in Assam’s Kamrup district is just one of the many worst rail accidents India has witnessed over the years. On an average 300 small and big rail accidents happen every year in India, still enough is never done to check it.

(Pic Courtesy: NDTV)

India’s Rail network is one of the largest railways in the world. More than 1.25 crore people travel by rail every single day. Railways provide critical and cheap linkage to the remotest parts of the country. Unfortunately, except a few exceptions, the railways have continuously fallen victim to one after another populist railway ministers. Ministers whose only concern was to cater to their own constituencies.

The sheer regularity at which major railway accidents occur in our country is shocking. What leaves you dumbfounded is that despite hundreds of innocent people being killed the structural and systemic reforms have been constantly ignored.

The major rail accidents over past three decades:

July 19, 2010- Uttar Bang Express and Vananchal Express collide in West Bengal. 62 killed and more than 160 injured.

May 28, 2010- In a Naxal attack Gyaneshwari Express is derailed. 170 die.

February, 2005- In a clash between goods train and tractor trolly in Maharashtra 50 people die and an equal no. of people injured.

June, 2003- 51 people killed in a rail accident in Maharashtra

June 23, 2003- 51 die when a special train derails near Ratnagiri at Goa-Maharashtra border.

September 9,2002: Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express accident kills 120.

June 22, 2001- Mangaolore- Chennai Rail falls in Kadluddi river near Kerala. 59 killed.

December 2, 2000- Kolkata-Amritsar Howrah Mail clashes with goods train. 44 killed, 140 injured.

August 3, 1999- Delhi bound Brahmaputra Mail clashes near West Bengal. 285 killed, 312 injured.

November 26, 1998- Frontier Mail and Sealdah Express clash. 108 killed, 120 injured.

September 14, 1997- Ahmadabad-Howrah Express falls in a river near Bilaspur. 81 die, 100 injured.

August 20, 1995- New Delhi bound Purushottam Express and Kalindi Express collide near Firozabad in Up. 250 killed, 250 injured.

December 21,1993- Kota Bina Express clash with goods train in Rajasthan. 71 killed.

April 16, 1990-Fire in a train near Patna. 70 killed.

February 23, 1985- Two bogeys catch fire in a train near Rajnandgaon. 50 killed.

June 6,1981- Tufan Express fells in a river in Bihar. 800 killed, 1000 injured.

Life never remains same for those who lose their loved ones. Among the mangled remains there are just so many stories of people whose lives are completely wrecked, for ever.

Are any of our policy makers listening???



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