World Breast Feeding Week observed in Sikkim

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Chaired by Miss K K Subba, Joint Director, Integrated Child Development
Services, a scheme of Govt. of India, the workshop witnessed thought
provoking lectures and presentations. With 35 participants from Women and Child Development Department, SJEW Department, NYK and various NGO’s the workshop is to generate awareness regarding the importance of breast feeding.

According to the demonstration officer, the aims and objectives of the week long celebration and the one day workshop is to stress on the importance of the breast feeding and expansion of the awareness generating campaign. He further added that as a care giver and service providing organization each member should explore possibilities to disseminate right information to the people at the grass roots.

While addressing the issue chief guest Miss K K Subba said that few issues need to be tackled with heart and commitment and not with the availability of finances. Breast feeding and nutrition are few such issues. She further added that child, community and nation’s development are interlinked.

Appealing to the participants she emphasized on advocating need for breast feeding the infants and providing balanced nutrition to them. Aanganwaadi’s and NGO’s can play a role of a catalyst in spreading the message across, she added.

World Breast Feeding Week

District youth coordinator Nehru Yuva Kendra, P Chettri at the outset stated that NYK has a strong networking working to disseminate information to the masses. He also submitted that NYK’s future endeavors will include child rights and their protection.

Dr A K Panda, research officer, RRI, AAYUSH addressed on the importance of breast milk for the infants and stated that “Janani and Janam Bhoomi is higher than Heaven”. Breast milk, he said, is like nectar which makes a child immune to diseases, besides enhancing emotional bond between mother and child.

With the new central government policy of giving maternity leave of 720 days to women, he said that now women should utilize the opportunity and take care of their children to the best.

J K Diyali, Joint director nutrition cell, SJEW at the outset informed the gathering that India has 28% neonatal death rate due to malnutrition. Ignorance in providing breast milk within an hour of child birth has added immensely to the infant deaths. Mother’s milk contains antibodies, iron, vitamins, calcium and many necessary nutritional benefits, he added, while cow’s milk is just water as compared to mother’s mil.

Mother’s milk prevents the child from many infections. Related issue of providing micro and macro nutrients to children once they are six months old was also highlighted by the speaker. It’s only after six months that the child be introduced to supplementary food rich in iodine, iron and calcium, he added.

The technical session will include presentations and lectures on Nutrition in infants, breast feed and its advantages, breast feed, a truly fashionable fluid and technical angle of breast feed, it was informed.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Mail)



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