Real Madrid best soccer team but Messi best footballer: Ranaldo

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Real Madrid sensation, Cristiano Ronaldo has said that while Real Madrid is the world’s best team, Lionel Messi is a better footballer than him and is world’s best footballer.

According to, the prevalence of Barcelona over Madrid in recent times has given Lionel Messi the upper hand. Although Argentina’s performance has been poor when contrasted with Spain’s and this has given people a basis to argue that Ronaldo is the more complete player.

Ronaldo said that they both are completely different, both in personality and playing style and right now Messi is in top form. Ronaldo was awarded the Golden Boot in La Liga and was adjudged Europe’s best footballer, but Messi won the World’s best player award by Fifa.

Messi and Ronaldo, both scored 53 goals in all competitions in the 2010/2011 season, albeit Messi has an edge over Ronaldo in terms of assists.

In the meantime, before the FIFA friendly with Nigeria on Tuesday at the Bangabandhu National Stadium in Dhaka, Argentine Coach Alejandro Sabella has said that the key to his team’s success was to ensure that Superstar Lionel Mess enjoys his football.



  • Kern

    yes messi tult is the better player because of his mentality. he plays more for the team and had he played as many la liga matches instead of being rested for the champions league final, maybe ronaldo might not have won the golden boot. portugal have a more well rounded side technically, rather than argentina who look like pieces of a puzzle that just don’t fit together right. messi has more close control, ronaldo is more naturally gifted to me as a player and is not fulfilling the pontential i personally saw in him some years ago. messi is the smarter player, if ronaldo used his head as much as messi does he may overshadow some of the top ten greats that have passed before like pele, zidane, el phenomeno just as example.

  • omoke

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a better player all round.messi can perform better when playing among stars like in barca.cristiao ranaldo performed in man u, portugal, real madrid while messi only performs well when playing for club,remove iniesta and xavi the messi u see today will be reduce to half.Yes messi has the speed and dangerious left, but ronaldo is better in free kick,area balls and on ground and also has the speed in his own way.

  • Joshua Ehud

    I do not agree with the proposition that Real Madrid is a better team than Barcelona.When you look for team work,where each player forms a a part of the chain in the field of play then look no further when you see Barca.Not until Real Madrid takes the rein of Spanish football it should stay content with second second best after Barca.

  • Canuck

    “Kern” Ronaldo played only one more game than Messi in La Liga last year. Messi started 31 games came on as a substitute for 2 games and he scored 31 goals. Ronaldo started 32 games and came on as a substitute for 2 games and scored 40 goals. Ronaldo broke the all time season scoring record for La Liga. What is more incredible is that many said he would not score as many goals in La Liga as he had in England. I don’t think Messi would be as successful in England without Iniesta, Xavi and Busquets supporting him. Messi is a tremendous player but he is also being supported by one of the greatest midfields of all time and has been playing the Barcelona system since the age of twelve.

    As far as Portugal is concerned in relation to Argentina, the only thing they have better is their defence.

    I watched the interview he gave in Portuguese he basically said that Madrid is the biggest club in the world and that many people are jealous because of that fact. He stated that at the moment Messi is the best player in the world and that he hopes one day to once again claim that title. Nothing shocking, I believe.

  • Kern

    apparently you were looking well because look at the stats, ronaldo started more still. if you look at goals per game time average i’m positive you might say something else. plus ronaldo was playing with madrid first time while barca rested star players. and oh yes mezut ozil may not be xavi or iniesta but he is an excellent playmaker, it is courtesy him and others that ronaldo had so many simple tap ins. most of messi’s goals despite messi having strong support were spectacular, and he also lead in assist. how many assisted goals did ronaldo have, he plays closer to goal than messi who happens to be a player who could fully well fill xavi and iniesta’s shoes and provide assist as a substitute for goals.

  • Kern

    wait wait i just looked at your portugal comment. don’t you read properly? i said they are technically better all round and they blend together, and also say portugal has a defense while argentina’s defense is refuse. cristiano would run circles around them all day, probally score a hatrick. i wonder how many the original ronaldo would have scored on them in his prime.

  • Canuck

    “Kern”, what I gave you are official stats. It is a fact that Ronaldo only played one more game in La Liga last year than Messi. You can go to the following website:

    When Messi was rested for the champions league the scoring race was practically out of reach. Ronaldo also had been rested earlier on and during that time Messi went through a dry spell in which he did not score.

    Take it from me, I’m Portuguese, Portugal is a much smaller country than Argentina. Argentina can field 4 or 5 good teams. Do you know who Portugal has for a central striker? Hugo Almeida and Postiga, not much is it. Argentina are loaded they have many, Aguero, Higuain, Carlos Tevez,etc. They have players such as Di Maria. Macherano, Pastore, Levazzi, Riquelme, etc. Portugal only wishes they had such depth. Do you know why Barcelona is such a great team? They are such a great team because they have 6 or 7 players that have been playing together since they were kids.

    That is a strange comment to make saying when “Ronaldo was in his prime”. Ronaldo has improved as a footballer, he reads the game better than he did. And most of those tap ins you refer to, were originally created by Ronaldo, many of those plays were even started on his side of the field by him. Ronaldo would have had many assists last year but players such as Benzema missed many clear cut opportunities created by him. It is no secret that Madrid had a striker issue last season and they still do. Next time you watch a Real Madrid game see how many times Ronaldo heads clear of his own area when the opposing team has a corner kick. Messi is the best player in the World but I don’t think there is a very large gap in talent between the two players. And I don’t think Messi would handle the transition to English football as well as Ronaldo has handled the transition to Spanish football.

  • footy_boy

    Well, lets solve the long awaited controversy.
    C.Ronaldo has better power, speed, ariel ball, control, shooting and most fasinating is his skills and trickeries.
    L.Messi has team work, work rate, speed, ball control, dribbling,shooting,technical and most of all is his assists.
    1. L Messi
    2. C.Ronaldo

  • kong

    He got that right except ” real madrid is the best team”….juss because u performed well in a set of match against barcelona but did not win in the supercopa doesn’t mean ur the best..u gotta wins titles…

  • cr7 fan

    in my opinion cristiano ronaldo is the best footballer b’cos of his unique skills, powerfull game,excellent running,goal scoring ability etc. messi is also a excellent player but not my favorite one, b’cos I am a loyal cr7 fan and he is my fav. from at least 5 years.

  • edu

    Ronaldo and Real, I like to watch
    Barcelona and Messi, I do not like to watch – I side with Ibrahimovic
    Messi better then Ronaldo – better dribboer, that’s it. And better team. All the rest goes to Ronaldo.
    Assists ? Who cares – that is a gay concept – must have been introduced by someone from
    a soccer nation, – in football, we do not need such things.

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