Sikkim Govt gears up to deal with Earthquake; toll reaches 66

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Gangtok: Semtember 19

To make an assessment of damages caused to houses and properties in the rural and urban areas owing to the 6.9 magnitude earthquake which occurred about 6.11 pm yesterday, the Chief Minister of Sikkim Pawan Chamling accompanied by the Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, Zilla Adhakshya East, Chief Secretary and  Secretaries and HODs, Members of GMC and East District Administration visited the Tashiling Secretariat, offices in and around the Secretariat complex, Sikkim Press and Police Head Quarter today in the morning. The Chief Minister also visited the areas in an around Gangtok and gave immediate relief to the local residence. He visited the collapsed house and cow shed of Dhan maya Cheettri and the collapsed four and half storied building of Raju Chhetri at Lumsey, Gangtok. The Chief Minister gave thirty thousand to Dhan Maya and Fifty thousand to Raju Chhetri as ex gratia payment to them.


CM visiting damaged sites

The Chief Minister held a meeting at police Head quarter to discuss the modalities in dealing with the unfortunate incident that occurred during the last evening. He directed the Chief Secretary and HODs to mobilized and watch out the minutes to minute’s development of the situation. He also directed to the concern authority to clear the derbies of buildings to prevent further damages of others property. He also directed the concern authorities to make an assessment of the disaster and take immediate repair works and restore the electricity and road communication in the state. He directed to shift the Chief Minister Office at Samman Bhawan temporally and to make necessary temporary arrangement for other department wherever necessary. Chamling also asked the Lt. General Vinod Bhatia of Sukuna, Siliguri to coordinate with the state administration and share the information. He asked the Army for restoration of boarder roads and interim help to the people in first aid and communication.


CM, Governer and Lt. General met to discuss the situation

The Governor of Sikkim Balmiki Prasad Singh who was at New Delhi returned back to the state immediately in this noon. The Chief Minister met and updated him about the present situation of the state at Police Head Quarter, Gangtok.

Discussing about the present situation of the state, The Governor asked the Core-Commander Vinod Bhatia for the mobilization of Army and relief to the people. The Governor also asked the Army to coordinate with the state Administration to assess the information and damages in the state. He also took the information from the Chief Secretary and concern HODs about the disaster and necessary arrangements. He suggested holding a meeting tomorrow at 2.00 p.m at Raj Bhawan to take further necessary action to fight against this tragic situation.

An emergency meeting was held at Gram Vikash Bhawan today under the chairmanship of Minister RMDD CB Karki to make an assessment of damages caused to houses and properties in the rural areas owing to the earthquake which occurred last evening. During the meeting the Minister issued instructions to all the ADC’s (Dev), DPO’s and BDO’s for assessment and gathering of damages reports and submit it to the Head Office. The damage reports should include details of life, houses, livestock and standing properties. They were also directed to make assessment of relief material required and to horizontally coordinate with their district line counterparts for relief and rehabilitation.

According to recent information received from the district the foundation of the  hostel building of Soreng Sr. Secondary School has been totally damaged and many pucca houses at Dodak, West Sikkim have been extensively damaged. Three houses of Phunchenpong, West Sikkim have been totally damaged and the people have been evacuated from it. The shopping complex of Soreng has also been extensively damaged. According to recent information the death toll has risen to 50 in the state. To deal with the situation a State Control Room has been established at Gangtok Bazar in front of Tourism Department.



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