Sikkim Quake: ‘slide washed away my children in front of me’

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Sikkim Mail

Gangtok: September 29

The devastating earthquake that shook the whole state on 18/9 with a magnitude of about 6.8 not only took numerous lives and damaged property but has also taken away the courage of leading the lives anymore with happiness, expectations or rather in a normal manner.

Norbu Tamang and his wife Laki Doma Lepcha, laborers in a construction site in Lachen were here in the capital sharing the sad tale of their experience. The earthquake took the lives of their only offspring. While speaking to media Tamang said that he is a labour working in a building construction site in Lachen accompanied by my wife, 15 year old daughter Domaki Lepcha and son Passang Lepcha. The earthquake on 18th caused a heavy slide which washed away his children that too in front of his eyes.

‘I had no children from four of my wives, considering which I married five wives and after offering many prayers, homage to the gods I had two children born from my last wife’. He further added that now there is no meaning to his own life and no cause for him to earn and move on in life as he lost his greatest properties, his children during the 18th September catastrophe. When asked about how did they reach Gangtok he stated that they came walking all the way and where ever it was possible even asked for lifts to the passers-by. They had no food or shelter to hide themselves but somehow they managed to come to Gangtok. They are the permanent resident of Rinchenpong Constituency but he said that he will not be going to his home as the children who died were brought up by his father and mother and when they will ask for them, he will not be able to console them.
Adding more Tamang said ‘ I will first head towards Pakyong where I have some land compensation to receive after which I will go to my home as I need to perform the rituals of my departed son and daughter’.
“The most painful part of my life is that the duo lost their lives in front of my eyes as I could see the slide wash away my son and daughter together but I am unfortunate that I even don’t have their deceased body to perform the rituals today” said Tamang.



  • Jacob

    some say if you know how to see these earthquakes you can then read the iniomratfon they contain allowing for an understanding what that would be I dont know.not sure where, dont seem to recall, but I remember reading the source of the earthquakes is some bizarre, underground, nuclear testing . No longer viewed as weapons but tools. Being used to send signals with advanced uses includeing the strategic placement intended to move tectonic plates ?Are wars being fought err explosions occurring both above and below the earth’s surface ?an earthquake in Boom Iran a while back I seem to recall US Military deployed to Haiti prior to arm sales to Taiwan uh not really enough data to form a conclusion it seems.wondering if I should make more of the death of some deep ocean aquatic life .. like those squids that washed ashore off the coast of California a while back. I guess if being used below the earth’s surface can be used below the oceans floorwhich seems would result in the death of some deep ocean aquatic life .. like squids dang I should never be allowed on a jury that was slippery

  • Gordana

    Talking about Ring of Fire earthquakes, and actaul earthquakes taking place there is like throwing a stick of TNT into a barrel of live fish.However, if you were on about Chile and Chile only than that makes more of an interesting coincidence.Most quakes above 8 are rare, and if you are gong to be getting quakes of any magnitude an R Scale of 6.0-7.0 is where most of them fall.Earthquakes of 9 are very rare, but if an asteroid hits the earth and it is at least 1 km in radius that creates a 14 sometimes coupled with 1 km tzunami waves.

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