Sikkim: Medicinal plants to be recognized and certified by NMPB

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Gangtok: November 21, 2011

The medicinal plant species found in Sikkim having medicinal value which are traced by the experts of the state and by ethno practitioners since long, is all set to be recognized and certified by Government of India under National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB) proposed under 12th five year plan.

Recently a two days workshop was organized by NMPB jointly with North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Limited (NEDFi) at Guwahati for the conservation, protection and sustainable utilization along with proper management of the medicinal species available in the NE States. Furthermore the medicinal plants traced by the State Medicinal Plant Board (SMPB) of respective NE States will be researched by the experts, scientist organization, industries and traders.While speaking to Joint Director (SMPB) T Gyatso Bhutia informed that the workshop on the medicinal plant was a huge success and the out come of the workshop was the sustainable utilization, conservation procedure, cultivation, value addition and market development of the medicinal products. He stated that there are numerous medicinal plants available in state which is yet to be traced whereas for few the harvesting and marketing is still under development process.

The medicinal plant available in state having very high medicinal value like Aconitum Hetrophyllum, Aconitum ferox, Aconitum Bisma, Picrorhiza Kurrooa, Nardostadys Jatamansi, Panax Pseudo ginseng, odoghyllum Hexamdrum, Hippophae Salicifolia, Swertia Chiraita, Berberis Aristata, Acorus Calamus, Rubia Cordifolia, Bergenia Ciliate, Hedychium Spicata, Keampferia rotunda and Barbadensis will be researched by the scientists from across nation for its chemical content and certification. The medicinal plants specified have high demand in the market but to have recognition, certification along with fame and name of the state, the research is a must, added Joint Director.

Joint Director T Gyatso Bhutia added that the commercialization, farming and utilization of medicinal plant is being encouraged among the local farmers and there are minimal farmers across state farming various species considering the geographical location and its feasibility. The farming of medicinal plant has to be encouraged soon after the research on medicinal species are conducted by the industries, scientist looking at the feasibility of the plant as once the recognization, certification is met, the value of the species will be very high following the economic development of the state.

Informing more he mentioned that numerous traders of medicinal plants of NE state are keen on trading the plants but the production has to be at par with the demand. The certification, recorgnization of the medicinal plant of state will even indirectly protect the traditional herbal healers of state and even raise their value in the society. So far SMPB has been able to document 19 traditional herbal healers of state and of the herbs used during treatment of various diseases.

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