SPCC completely against loans from World Bank and Asian Bank

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Gangtok: November 7, 2011
A meeting of high committee of Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee (SPCC) was held today here at party head office in Development Area, Gangtok. During the meeting, the party discussed various topics and passed resolution. In the meeting while speaking to the media, President of SPCC Nar Bahadur Bhandari informed the party workers to collect the report of the earth quake along with the names and picture of the affected people from all the four districts within fifteen days. All the report will be sent to central government, said Bhandari.

State government should form relief commission in order to check the discrimination which is prevailing in regards to the distribution of the grants to the affected people, he asserted. He further mentioned that before distribution the relief fund and material they have to collect technical report and on the basis of technical report, they have to distribute relief fund and materials, which creates accountability and transparency. There should not be discrimination on the distribution of the grants under the grounds of party politics. The panchayat cannot be transparent in this regard as because it is a political institution, he said. Bhandari further informed that Prime Minister, Home Minister, Social Organization and other State has also been providing relief grant to Sikkim and DONER Minister has also assured to provide fund if required. SPCC is completely against the loans from World Bank and Asian Bank which CM is thinking about.

State government should release white paper on the distribution of relief grants, as there may not be chaos in future, he added.

While taking a note on corruption he said that, now the way is opened for the CBI. Sooner or later every corrupted minister and officer will go to jail in future. ‘If Bhandari can be convicted then why not other leaders and Ministers’, said Bhandari. Furthermore, He added that there are lots of power project coming in Sikkim due to which the
Damage during earthquake has been huge. Regarding the power project SPCC will submit a report to Minister of State Power, Government of India K.C Venu Gopal on 7th November 2011.
During the conference vice president KN Lepcha and other members were also present.



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