River rafting in Sikkim- Riding over the untamed rivers

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Let the frosty waters of the Himalayan river drench you mercilessly as you cling to your raft and manipulate your oars before plunging into yet another rapid whirl of water.

The adventures at Skkim ensnare you with their very uncertainty and untameable foamy waters and the long stretch of rapids which are anything but predictable. As a late addition to the water sports in Sikkim, river rafting has done pretty well on the popularity front.

Arising from the mountain peak, the River Teesta accelerates down its rocky, rugged journey, now falling onto boulders, meandering through greenery and cascading down to rocky bottoms with the most unceremonious manner to finely settle down into a plain before it meets its end. Needless to say River Teesta together with its tributary makes some of the best and safe rafting sites in the region. The multitude of rapids on the route of Teesta is variable with their intensity and character and is considered to belong to the grade 4 classification offering a great rafting trip overall. Its tributary Rangeet is best handled by experienced and veteran rafters as its course comprises of more turbulent and unchartered waters and is supposed to be ideal for kayaking as well.

The river bourne journey is tinged with adventure and breathtaking scenery. Faraway on either side of the river, vivid greenery is moistened by the spray of foam gushing from the river as it lashes at the cliffs. A bit more of that moisture is upon the rafters as the icy cold waters drench them down their journey across the rapids. The river beckons like an untamed beauty waiting to challenge, most bewitching in its raw and unruly demeanour and fearless attitude. It is up to the adventurous traveller to master the art of the river currents and experience and unforgettable journey on their raft.

There is a wide range of Sikkim Hotels to choose from. The large glass windows of The Retreat by Zuri Baiguney, Sikkim lets in the beauty of the river bank, the countryside and the distant mountain range to its patrons who have made an excellent choice in staying at this exquisite venue that sprawls over 12 acres on the banks of the river Rangeet. The river is a brilliant blue and bathes the cliffs along the way and diffuses into crisp white foam at the edges while the lush foliage blurs into soft greenery in the distant. This exceptional Hotel in Sikkim offers a fabulous combination with its 21 elegantly appointed rooms, great ambience, a wellness centre and even a pool café and so much more to keep the foreign visitor excellently entertained throughout his stay.




  • Ashwin Ravi

    me and my friends are planning to trip Gangtok and Darjeeling from feb 25th to march 2nd . We are interested in River rafting and paragliding and we have no experience on them . Could you please provide us the informations of the booking and tariff and time and all other possible details.
    thanks in advance for your support.

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