Bhaichung is a legend like Sachin and Leander Peas: Rahul Bose

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This was Rahul Bose’s fourth visit to the state. “Sikkim has always been close to me and I am here this time for the people of Sikkim and the legendary Bhaichung Bhutia”, announced Bose in the half time of the exhibition match between USFC and superstar XI. In his address to hundreds of fans at Palzor stadium Bose made it clear that he himself and his organisation is raising funds in Mumbai for the earthquake victims. Earlier Bose had visited Sikkim for the shoot.

“I have seen some of the few sports person in India who remained in top for twenty years. Bhaichung is the other legendary figure other than Sachin Tendulkar and Lender Peas to do so” quoted Bose. Bose further reminded of his auctioning of Bhaichung’s jersey by his organisation in Mumbai. The money collected will go the relief fund and will be transparent added Bose.

“If it was Rugby then my performance would have been a little better today”, said the actor after playing 20 minutes of football.

To add another feather on the day, former Miss India 2002 Neha Dhupia was also present on the occasion. The crowd was stunned by the beauty of bollyhood actress, while she was fascinated by Sikkim and its people. “Visiting Sikkim and meeting the people here is a beautiful experience altogether for me, earthquake is a natural phenomena and Sikkim will definitely bounce back, we are always there to support”, said the former beauty queen. She has also helped to raise money for the victims of the 2011 Sikkim earthquake. “Next time when I will visit Sikkim will be with my crew. The warmth, hospitality and the beautiful people here has captured my heart” said Neha.

The spirit of the people was commendable. Despite of the chilled weather hundreds of people turned to the stadium.

The presence of the superstars in Gangtok was a clear message to the whole world that Sikkim is and will bounce back to normalcy.



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