Sikkim’s 1st Hindi Film: Romeo in Sikkim

Shital Pradhan

Sikkim’s date with Bollywood began in 1975. Celebrated Sikkimese blogger Shital Pradhan tells the story.

Sikkim began her date with the world of Indian Cinema in 1975 when Romeo in Sikkim was made in Sikkim. It was the same year when Sikkim’s tryst with the Indian Union began. Over the last 37 years the small Himalayan kingdom transformed itself into one of the most beautiful tourist centres of the world. However, more than three decades later the Romeo in Sikkim remains forgotten, untold.

This write up is an effort to re-introduce the readers to the journey of Romeo in Sikkim. It was the first Hindi film to be produced in Sikkim. It was also the first Bollywood movie in which a Nepali actor Shyam Pradhan played a lead role.

Shyam Pradhan went on to act in another first: the first Hindi-Nepali bilingual feature film. It never saw the light of the day. He later went on to make two successful Nepali movies Bhool and Sanjiwani. Sanjiwani was also made in Bengali and Hindi. The Hindi version is yet to be released.

It was Mohan Pradhan ‘Neeraj’, Sansthapak of famed Singtam Basibiyalo, Praveen Pradhan, President SPARK NGO from Singtam and me who visited residence of the Shyam Pradhan couple of weeks ago. He was about to leave for Siliguri but delayed his programme for us. Such was his friendly persona that the anecdote he shared with us about Romeo in Sikkim and his other projects made me just listen to him…silently.

Shyam Pradhan, then 19, from a Gangtok based well established business family played the lead role in a colour Hindi movie “Romeo in Sikkim”. It was shot exclusively in Sikkim and in some parts of Darjeeling and the then Bombay, now Mumbai.

Amina Kareem was opposite Pradhan. Kareem later played a small role in Danny Denzongpa’s hindi film Mere Apne. Romeo in Sikkim had a gifted star casts of the caliber of legendary KN Singh, Kundan, Om Prakash, Seema Kapoor and others. Harikrishna Kaul directed the movie, while the shooting of the film was completed in 3 months and the beautiful songs were composed by Vishwanath.

The film was shot in 1973 in 33 mm and released in 1975 at Bombay. In Sikkim it was first released in Denzong Cinema Hall and later on at Vajra Cinema Hall. It ran for 15 successive days according to Shyam Pradhan.

Shyam Pradhan along with SPARK President

Shyam Pradhan along with SPARK NGO President

I first heard about “Romeo in Sikkim” from an audio music cassette of legendary Bollyhood Singer Mukesh. Romeo in Sikkim had four songs and the list of singers was equally amazing: Mukesh, Mohammad Rafi, and Suman Kalyanpur. Being a big fan of Mukesh, I found it very surprising to read the lines on the cover of the audio cassette that mentioned a song “Jiska Sapna” from the movie Romeo in Sikkim. I later found another song sung by Mukesh from another Hindi movie that had another interesting title “Road to Sikkim”. So when I first got an opportunity to speak to Shyam Pradhan himself, I just wanted to know about his memory on Mukesh.

Pradhan says that Mukesh was a big name and he was very interested to know about the place called Sikkim and meet the hero of Romeo in Sikkim. When Mukesh finally met the lead actor, Mukesh was bit surprised and in a sarcastic way asked his music director, “How can I sing for him”. Definitely it was hard for Mukesh to give a feel to the song looking at the young artiste from Sikkim, the place he had never heard. Mukesh just went near Shyam Pradhan, hugged him and told him, I will try my best. After 18 retakes the recording of the song was completed and after 37 years of the first release of Romeo in Sikkim, the only thing that remains popular is that immortal song …..Jiska Sapana.

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A teacher by profession, Shital Pradhan is an avid blogger from Sikkim. You can read his blog sikhim , a frequently updated blog which focuses on news and history of the Sikkim state. To read his other post on iSikkim click on the link below:

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  • prakash

    It was quite an interesting reading and to know about hindi film romeo in sikkim. And songs by mukesh sahab.I really feel sad that no film producer of bollywood tries to shoot in beautiful sikkim.alas! Dev sahab is no more. Prakash

  • Apurva Dhar Badgaiyan

    Dear Shital,
    Great to know that ‘Romeo In Sikkim’ got released. I am myself a student of cinema and take a great interest in its History.
    I had read an article by Mr. RamKrishna in a Hindi Magazine Called ‘Aha Zindagi’ January 2008.
    It was about Mr. Harikrishna Kaul –the director of Romeo in Sikkim’- and his journey through films. The writer apparently was close to the Man and he has spoken about how Harikrishna Kaul could not finish a single film in his entire film career. Though he kept trying, his films used to go on floors he even shot for days but someway or the other all of them got shelved. It was a tragic account of a failed filmmaker’s journey.
    Here you are saying that Romeo in Sikkim did eventually saw the light of the day. This indeed is a very soothing piece of information and I am sure that what have you written must have some reliable source behind it. But it is still making me confused and curious at the same time. Can you please throw some light?

    Apurva S.

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