Scheme passed to protect the world’s largest river island in Assam

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New Delhi: February 1, 2012

The Planning Commission has given investment clearance of scheme Protection of Majuli Island, Assam from flood and erosion, Phase II and III. The project is estimated to cost Rs. 115.99 crore at 2010 Price Level.

The project shall be completed by the financial year 2011-12 and Plan accounts would be closed by 31st March 2012. Project may accordingly be executed as per the approved outlays in the current financial year.

Ministry of Water Resources Brahmaputra Board would restrict the expenditure to the approved cost and no additional expenditure beyond approved cost may be permitted unless the revised estimate is got approved following the prescribed procedure.

Regular maintenance should be ensured by Ministry of Water Resources Brahmaputra Board concerned Department before and after each monsoon season and even during execution of works. Detailed estimates of various components should be prepared after detailed surveys and got sanctioned by competent authority and no changes be done in the proposal without the approval of Standing Committee of Experts. In case of major variation in cost due to changes in the problem area on account of morphological changes in the river, modified proposal and revised estimate would be furnished as per prescribed procedure.

The project aims at protecting 22 nos. of satras and public or private properties as well as economic development and social upliflment after reconstruction of roads and bridges usually destroyed during floods. The Vaishnavite tradition and culture – being heritage of Assamese people would also be preserved. The tribal population which is about 70% of total population would be the main beneficiary in terms of economic social development.

Majuli or Majoli is the largest river island in the World. It is a civil sub-division of Jorhat District and State of Assam (India). It is located 20 km. from Jorhat town (Assam, India). It is a pollution free fresh water, green island. Total area of the island was 1250, now it is about 650

Its length from east to west is about 90 km. & width from north to south is avg. 16 km. Majuli is a natural & cultural heritage site. With water bodies covering most of the areas , Majuli attracts plenty of birds both local & migratory.

About 25—26 Satras are remaining now in Majuli of which the Satras of Kamalabari, Auniati & Garmur are worth mentioning. These Satras are propagating the religious ideology of great Assamese medieval Vaisnavite Saint Sankardeva & Madhavdeva, preaching Satria culture.



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