Sonam Lepcha writes book to preserve his indigenous identity

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Gangtok, February 5, 2012:


It was indeed a delightful voyage today for the people of Sikkim to plunge into the literary world of the iconic ‘Dzongu Nye Mayellyang Sikkim’ (Book). It was also significant to have the company of Sonam Wangchuk Lepcha, author and photographer of the book. Full of energy and confidence, he has animated his creativity through his own personal experiences, serene symbolic content of multi-dimensional facets and with magnificent proficiency which catapults the readers beyond their expectation. The incredibly rich relation between its reader and author makes the book so impressive.

Originally a resident of Dzongu but Sonam is presently residing here in the capital Gangtok. 24 year old Sonam is a prolific writer and photographer. This is the first time that he has unleashed his creativity and zest. His book deals with spiritualism, respect for the mother earth and a profound sense of vocation and the need to preserve the life style of indigenous primitive Lepcha’s treasured culture.

In a conversation with Sikkim Mail, Mr. Wangchuk said that the book is forwarded by an eminent writer Genre “Ghjie” V. Talan of Philippines. It is a compilation of untold folklores of Noom Panang, Nayving cave, Mulongmung cave, a love story between Sumfuk Punu and Lungzong, Fenn etc along with the breathtaking pictures by himself.

“These classical, historical folklores of Dzongu were never scripted and heard till date. It’s a matter of great privilege to acknowledge that I, Sonam Wangchuk Lepcha, am the pioneer from the primitive Lepcha community of Sikkim to have authored and published my first book in English. I have tried to make an indelible mark in the heart of readers and about the history of Lepcha community” said Wangchuk.

Adding further, he hoped that the quality of outstanding writing with the attractive pictures is extremely mature which sharpen reader’s imagination with contagious joy. Logical interpretation, visionary attitude of writing along with a determination to preserve the culture and identify of Lepcha’s and the beauty of Dzongu is the x-factor of the book. Mr. Wangchuk also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Minister for Power Department cum Area MLA, Sonam Gyatso Lepcha for information sharing and support. He also gratified his warm appreciation to “Ghjie” V. Talan, who had fondly edited his book.

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