Success is overcoming the fear inside: Miss Sikkim 1st runner-up

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She is just 19 years old but is filled with extreme endowment, enthusiasm and exquisiteness. She never gives up and has a strong faith in God and herself. Let’s hear from her what she has to express on her efforts in a short interview with

Meet the 1st runner-up of the Miss Sikkim 2012 contest, Bhawana Agarwal from Gangtok.

How does it feel to be crowned the first runner-up in “Miss Sikkim 2012”?
Bhawana: I am totally satisfied. I really feel great being crowned 1st runner up. My mother was very happy and she was with me the whole day, feels great and honoured.

Why you think that you can’t be the winner?
Bhawana: I did some faults. It’s not that to be sad to become the first runner up and I am happy equally. I guess it was because of my walk on the ramp as earlier judges used to say to work a bit on my walk. Yes, next time I will definitely keep this thing in my mind. My reasons for taking part was not to win but to participate and make the most of it

Can you name the 3 qualities in you, which you think are important in grabbing the title?
Bhawana: My Height, my smile and my innocence.

What was the reaction of your family when you were announced 1st runner up
Bhawana: Mom said thanks for making me proud. Everybody was congratulating my family members. I was for the first time in the reality show. At the time of the announcement my dad was at the office, every staff in his office congratulated him. I started to get calls and sms frequently. When I entered home my family and the neighbors applauded my efforts.

Your mantra for success and what it means to you?
Bhawana: Mantra for success is God because my mom always says believe and have faith in God, things will go your way.
Success for me is overcoming the fear inside us. If we really overcome the fear inside us than, we find success. At the same time hardworking is uniformly needed but for me conquering the fear inside us is more imperative. Many people lack behind and do not open up because of this psychosis. It really puts the people down.

Important things that you cannot live without

Bhawana: MY family, friends, home, mobile
Please tell us more about your childhood, education and family

Bhawana: My childhood was sound. I used to dance and I was always a happy child. I loved watching Shah Rukh Khan’s films.
I did my primary schooling from Daffodil school, class 1-5 from St. Thomas Gangtok and then to Holy Cross till class 10 and completed my high school from Palzor Namgyal Girls High School,Gangtok. Now I am doing my graduation from Sikkim Government College,Tadong.
I come from a middle class family. We actually belong from Haryana and we are residing in Sikkim for last 50 years and I was born and brought up here. My mother Sunita Agarwal is a house wife and my father Satyanarayan Agarwal works as a manager in a factory at Mazitar, East Sikkim. My sister Nikky is working in a company as well as doing her studies in Delhi. My brother Vinayak is studying presently at class 6 in Holy Cross School,Gangtok. We are a five membered family and we stay here in DPH, Gangtok. We love each other very much.

What is the perception of your parents pertaining to glamour world and being born as a girl child?
Bhawana: My parents are very encouraging and broad mindedness. They were not reluctant in sending me to the competition like beauty contests. They lend me with great moral prop up.

As far as being born as a girl child is concerned neither I was neglected nor my elder sister. They till date have loved us and have fulfilled all our aspirations. But questioned aroused why not a boy, but my younger brother fulfilled the criteria. But yes, we get so much of love from them.
Whom do you admire most & why?
Bhawana: The one whom I admire the most is my mother. She is always with me when I am in trouble. She has always been there in my hardest times providing me the solutions. I still remember the day when I got low percentage in class 12 and I was crying, she was the one to support me.
What was the worst moment in your life and how did you overcome it?

Bhawana: My worst moment was that when my father met an accident few years before and I really wanted him to be alright. The accident was neither that major nor minor. His knee was badly injured. I was worried as he is the head of our family. I cried a lot that day and prayed to God for his quick recovery. Praying to God helps me to recover things faster.

Who is your role model?

Bhawana: Role model is my sister Nikky because the steps she has taken in her life are audacious and inspiring. She is staying in a big city alone. She is independent and working on her own. She inspires me a lot

What site you visit the most?
Bhawana: I actually don’t visit the sites. I do have a Facebook account but I check it once in a blue moon
What are your dream goals in 5 years’ time in regard to your career?

Bhawana: I want to see myself in top of the world. I want to work hard in order to prove that even a girl can be special. Whatever fields, may it be glamour, modeling or academics I want to be at the apex level. There are many people whom I need to prove. There are people who sometime criticized me and labeled me as an attitude girl. But for me it’s not an attitude, it’s simply my qualities and I want to prove it. I definitely want to participate in the forthcoming Miss North East and Femina Miss India contest as well.

Favorite music and singer
Bhawana: Mohit Chauhan’s Te Amo…..I just love him…

Favorite actor
Bhawana: Shah Rukh Khan

Your first crush
Bhawana: Aditya Narayan, when I first saw in the TV I was in love with him, he’s so cute and I loved him.

Do you have a Boyfriend?
Bhawana: No not yet. It’s not that my family doesn’t permits. Mother says you can love but only when the right time comes.

What are the important preparations that girls should do in order to excel in beauty contests?

Bhawana: I would like to suggest be pure from your heart, hard work gives result and do concentrate in yourself rather the outside world.

What is your view about the other participants?
Bhawana: Everyone was friendly, supporting. It was not like competition. No hard feelings for anyone.

Who is Bhawana is the real life
Bhawana: I am very emotional but I come back on track very strongly. If I love anyone I love to the extent and if I hate somebody I hate to the extent. I am little private and I talk little to strangers. There are examples that I dint accept friend’s proposals, in fact many proposals. I like to lose myself in the dance moves. Listening music, visiting market, Gurudwara and mostly I go dance class; I forget everything and enjoy the moves of Salsa and some Bollywood steps. I like acting.

Message for the readers
Bhawana: In life whatever opportunity comes, we need to grasp it. Give a damn to the criticism in order to move further. God has given the life for once, live the fullest. Most importantly have faith and perseverance in God and yourself, the victory is yours. People who cannot encourage has no right of discourage
Thank you Bhawana Agarwal for talking to We wish luck in your future endeavors. Take care.



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