GJM, Terai- Dooars Committee and John Barla to meet on March 29

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Kalimpong: March 29, 2012

A meeting was held on March 27 under the chairmanship of GJM president Bimal Gurung between the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) Central Committee portfolios and the Terai- Dooars GJM Committee at Delo. After the meeting the GJM General Secretary, speaking with the media informed that the meeting was all about informing the present committees about the GJM- Mamata meet held at Writers Building on March 24, 2012.

Giri further acquainting about the upcoming meeting of March 29, said that along with GJM, Terai- Dooars Committee and John Barla will be present and they shall decide about what shall happen next. The people of Terai-Dooars have to support it. ‘We have not kept anything confidential and everything has been crystal clear’ said Giri. The high power committee report will be presented on first week of June and the election for GTA will be on July. Altogether in 45 constituencies the election will be held as per the delimitation. As per the GTA accord there are 16 mouzas, and in the additional areas there will be no election at first but will be nomination added Giri.

Similarly in a press conference at Kalimpong Gorkha Janamukti Yuwa Morcha Joint Secretary, Barood Thapa alleging that the oppositions are trying hard to disrupt the harmony of the hills, he said that the youths are well aware of their game plan. The Yuva Morcha instead is bonded well under the GJM. The whole of Kalimpong Yuva Morcha will not be blind folded by their false talks. He further said that the oppositions are to be blamed if in the future there is a tiff within the Yuva Morcha.

Thapa also appealed the Police to remain alert for the opponents are capable of doing anything. The Yuva Morcha under the leadership of GJM is trying to take forward the hills in the 21st century for the oppositions have always proved as a hinder in the development of the hills. He further notified that the Morcha is never backing out from their demand for Gorkhaland. GJM’s front man, Bimal Gurung has never betrayed the people, Thapa cleared.

He also mentioned that the Yuva Morcha has been keeping a keen eye on the wrong doings of the adversaries. Lastly, he appealed the public to stay alert and keep a check on the new faces and also to ask them their identity proof if required. And also if any ex- politicians are seen, then the public should keep an account of what they are doing.



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