Jaswant Singh should voice for Gorkhaland in Parliament- GTF

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Kalimpong, March 17

The Gorkhaland Task Force sensing the plans of Darjeeling MP Jaswant Singh to welcome the president of India’s address where she mentioned “GTA as one of the achievements of the Government” has written a letter to him.

In the letter the general secretary of GTF, Munish Tamang has written that, the demand of the Gorkhas is Gorkhaland and not GTA and being the MP from Darjeeling, he must not support this.

The letter reads, we would like to draw your attention to the address of the President to the Parliament on 12th March 2012 in which Her Excellency mentions GTA as one of the achievements of the Government and says that it is “in deference to the long cherished wishes of the people of the region”. (Paragraph 92 of the address)

We have learnt that you plan to welcome the reference in your speech in the Parliament on Monday, 19th March 2012.

Sir, Gorkhaland Task Force, an alliance of all political and social organizations committed to the creation of Gorkhaland, would like to assert in no uncertain terms that “the long cherished wishes of the people” is NOT GTA but Gorkhaland. Sir, you know it better than anyone else that the 2009 Lok Sabha election that you won from Darjeeling was won on the agenda of Gorkhaland and not GTA. Also, GTA agreement was signed by only one political organization and no other stakeholder from the region is party to it.
We would therefore request you to express the long cherished wish of the Indian Gorkhas for a state of Gorkhaland in your speech in the Parliament.

As an MP representing the people of Darjeeling, you are looked upon as a person who would represent the aspirations of the Gorkhas in the Parliament. We are sure that you will indeed mention in your speech that it is Gorkhaland, and not GTA, that is the long cherished wish of the people of the region, ends the letter.



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