Law textbooks for high schools launched in Sikkim

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Gangtok: March 6, 2012

Justice D.K Jain, Judge Supreme Court of India Laid the foundation stone of the “Alternative Dispute Redressal Centre” at the complex of East District Court of Sikkim, today. He was accompanied by Justice Permod Kohli, Chief Justice of Sikkim and Patron in Chief of Sikkim State Legal Authority (SSLSA), Justice S.P Wangdi, Judge High Court of Sikkim and Executive Chairman SSLSA. He also inspected the site plan and the model of the proposed building.

After the foundation stone laying ceremony, Justice D.K. Jain, Judge, Supreme Court of India along with other dignitaries proceeded towards Chintan Bhawan where he attended the launching of the booklets ‘ Lessons in Law’ and an awareness programme on Alternative Dispute Resolution and its role in dispensation of Justice, organized by Sikkim State Legal Services Authority.

Justice D.K.Jain, Judge, Supreme Court of India launched the book titled ‘Lessons in Law’ for class eleven students while Justice Permod Kohli, Chief Justice, High Court of Sikkim and Patron-in Chief, Sikkim State Legal Services Authority (SLSA) launched the book ‘Lessons in Law’ for class nine students. The books were published by Sikkim SLSA in the Himachal Pradesh mode and has been introduced for the 9th and 11th students of the State with an aim to enable them to understand the constitutional objectives and the principles of rule of law.

Addressing the gathering, Justice Jain mentioned that the books which are introduced to the students aspire to generate awareness amongst the senior students, who are the future of the country. Similarly, the books also enlightened about their rights, so far as the legal rights are concerned. The introduction of lessons in law is a first such exercise conducted by Sikkim SLSA. If students have basic knowledge of law, their attitude towards profession and the lifestyle also changes in future, he added. He also pointed out to have a basic knowledge of Constitution of India as Indian Constitution is best ever drafted.

Speaking on the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), he said that he has different perceptions with regard to ADR which deal with mechanism that touches heart and deals with human emotions.

He also appealed the gathering to realize the social obligations rather than to think and speak about one’s right only.

Justice Permod Kohli, Chief Justice, High Court of Sikkim, in his address stated that books on lessons in law was initially introduced by the Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim SLSA is following footsteps in providing lessons for students in respect to law.

Regarding Alternative Dispute Resolutions, he said that it is a topic of great significant in today’s world as Judiciary is an integral part of democracy. Mentioning further he added, with the change in socio- economic status, new challenges has also been created and to cope up the challenges, the Parliament has enacted new laws. ADR has been established with a purpose to ease the burden as it proves to be effective in various disputes, he added. In Sikkim, Lok Adalat is operational in four district headquarter and at the sub divisional levels. Mediation centre was introduced in 2009 in four districts of the state, he informed.

He also lauded the Sikkimese people for their orderly behavior and a peaceful environment.

Justice S.P. Wangdi, Judge High Court of Sikkim and also the Executive Chairman, Sikkim SLSA presented the welcome address.

The vote of thanks proposed by K.C. Barphungpa, District and Sessions Judge, Special Division-I, Sikkim and Member secretary, Sikkim SLSA.



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