Sikkim CM repeats his commitment to ensure best education for all

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Gangtok:  March 14, 2012

The Chief Minister of Sikkim Pawan Chamling along with the Minister for HRDD NK Pradhan, Minister UDHD D.B.Thapa and Chief Secretary of the state Karma Gyatso visited the Sikkim Government College, Tadong today.

The visit was to inspect the ongoing infrastructural development in the college premises and to solve the long pending problem of the thoroughfare faced by the people living in the peripheri of the college.The people living in this area have been facing the problem of thoroughfare as the road passes from inside the college premises. Hence the people have been demanding an alternative road towards the colony on the peripheri of the college.

The Chief Minister after listening to the problem of throughfare directed the concerned department to take a holistic approach and prepare a comprehensive project report to solve the problem once and for all. Sanctity and security of the college should not be a compromise while preparing the project report, the Chief Minister added. Further, college being a public property illegal interference and encroachment of college land should be dealth with very seriously, he directed. In this regard he also asked the people to take the responsibility in maintaining the sanctity of the educational institution of the state. The government is trying its best to give world class educational facility to the students but the responsibility has to be borne by the people as well. It is very much important that the mindset of the people is changed, the Chief Minister added.

While going through the minute details of the ongoing construction work and advising the engineers and the contractors on quality issues, the Chief Minister directed the Human Resource Development Department for upgradation, carpeting and proper drainage system of the existing road inside the college premises. Quality should not be compromised on any cost. We are trying to make our state a model in every aspect and people from every walk of life should give their cooperation for this pious job, he added. The students should take the social responsibility and voice their grievences on quality issues.

While interacting with the college authorities and the student representatives at the meeting hall of the college the Chief Minister declared to give two new buses to the Sikkim Government College, Tadong. He also sanctioned in principal the demand of the student representatives for internet facility in the college and solve the drinking water problem of the college. The Chief Minister also dealt upon the various issues pertaining to the college.

Interacting to the student representatives the Chief Minister asked them to take the message amongst the students that in this era of global village the government is providing world class facilities and opportunities at their door steps. The youths should take up the opportunity by using the world class facilities. The white coloured job has come to a saturation point and ample job opportunities are available in other sectors as well, he said. Youths can go in for blue coloured job in industrial sector, hotel and service sector etc and green coloured job in environment, ecological and organic farming sectors. Our youths think of government jobs alone because it was easily available. But now the situation has changed and reality has to be accepted, he advised the students.

Talking about the various steps initiated by the government in education, human resource development and health sector the Chief Minister said that in America education and health is very costly hence they have to outsource the skilled professionals men power and now they are planning to subsidise the expenditure in these sectors. But in our case it is free and the youths should rise up to the expectations, the Chief Minister said.

On students who go in for higher studies outside the state in various disciplines the Chief Minister expressed his dissatisfaction over the lack of interest shown by them to come to their native state and work for the service of their fellow being. After they complete their studies they tend to forget the past experience of life and the hardships they along with their parents  have faced in their villages. These students are infact the children of villagers who have experienced hardships in life but when they come back they do not seem to be interested in changing the lives of their fellow villagers. This is the irony, the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister also dealt upon various issues raised by the Principal of the College like sewage line for college, drinking water supply for college, electricity, internal fencing of the girls hostel, budget for science faculty of the college for purchasing of practical equipments and chemicals, excursion to the students and starting of Post Graduate courses in certain disciplines and added that the education and allied facilities for the development of education will be given priority by the government.

The Principal of the Sikkim Government College, Tadong during his interaction said that with the type of inputs the college is getting from the government it will not be long that the long cherished dream of making the college the best college in the country academically and infrastructurally will be fulfilled.

The Sikkim Government College was established during the year 1972 and moved to the present site during the year 1983.



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