Darjeeling: Record Revenue Collection by Municipality Board

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Darjeeling: April 18, 2012

The new board of revenue collection under Darjeeling municipality has collected Rs. 35 lacs within 3-4 months leaving far behind the last board collection of 12-15 lacs.

Addressing a press conference the chairman Amar Singh Rai said that it is the record until now.

Rai said that the taxes which are paid are of the parallel amount but this will be categorized shortly. Some 50-60 shops under the municipality do not have license and the 50 percent of the buildings does not have mutation. This factor has added to the decline of the treasury of the municipality said Rai.

He has appealed to the traders and flat owners to get trade license and mutation. He also warned the tax payers not to lend money to any unauthorized person which was heard recently.

The municipality sends a particular departmental officer with a valid identity. The tax payers will be shortly provided with the pamphlet and the helpline numbers will be provided and such cases can be complained at the earliest to the municipality he added.

Rai commenting on the various works performed by the conservancy department said that they will raid and confiscate the outdated/expired products which the shop keepers are of the opinion that the department does not have the power.

On this connection conservancy department councilor in charge Tilak Chettri informed that prior to two weeks the department seized and burnt the outdated products and same amount of the products have been seized today. It is also the duty of the department to take welfare measures said Chettri.

In future to enquire about it the municipality has already formed a team. The team if found the said items, will seize the shop at the spot he added.

He also made an appeal to all the shopkeepers to use dustbin and garbage bins and to avoid plastics bags. (TS)



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