Gorkhaland issue: GJM needs to learn from Telengana- CPRM

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Kalimpong:  April 04, 2012

The people of Telengana who selflessly and with full dedication are demanding for Telengana State is exemplary for all those who wish to form a separate state, stated the Communist Party of Revolutionist Marxist (CPRM), Vice President JB Rai. As compared to them our party in the hills are going weak day by day as the Gorkhaland issue now has become an earning ground with full of compromises, he added.

”The President’s address proves that how much loyal we are with our demand. The condition of the party in the hills has become pathetic and of much concern as compared to those of Telengana”, Rai asserted.

Commenting on the Central Government’s statement about the issue of the hills being almost solved, the CPRM Vice President said that the people voted for the Morcha so that they can help get Gorkhaland, but now it can be seen that the Morcha has faltered its way.

Also alleging the lone MP of the hills, Jaswant Singh, Rai added that both the MP and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is staying put regarding Gorkhaland. The weak mentality of the hills is one of the reasons of the hills not being able to progress, he underlined. Rai also demanded that if the MP cannot do anything for the hills then he should resign from his post.

Further informing about the works done by CPRM along with Gorkhaland Task Force (GTF), Rai said that CPRM is highlighting and explaining about the Gorkhaland issue to all the political parties of the country. Lastly he mentioned that the Aadivasi groups are also favouring the Terai- Dooars inclusion with Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA), which in a way is hard to be understood for it has been mentioned under GTA rules and regulations that only the Gorkha dominated areas are to be merged. (TS)



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