Bollywood stars reacts on Twitter after petrol price hike

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Mumbai, 24 May, 2012:

As the government announced a Rs 7.50 per litre hike in petrol prices on May 23, not only commoners but also Bollywood stars are angry. Here’s how they reacted to the steepest hike ever.

Gul Panag tweeted: ‘Petrol becomes more expensive, again:( May be its time to improve public transportation & SERIOUSLY develop alternate sources of energy. Diesel subsidy isn’t meant for private cars. Why not withdraw that? Retain for trucks, tractors. Do away for the rest.’

Kunal Kapoor wrote: ‘Petrol is up to 78 rs per litre!!! Forget cars, banks need to come up with EMI schemes for petrol as well now!!!’

Ashish Chowdhry tweeted: ‘Just btw,disgusted with d centre 4 hikin petrol prices d way they have leavin aside options which would hurt d ‘aam aadmi’ less.A numb move! Increase taxes on gold n silver,look into tax exemptions,focus on loose subsidies,build industry;huge options.Why hurt common people so bad?’

Payal Rohatgi wrote: ‘Just read about petrol price rise. What is this ? There has to be a limit put to such inflation. I wonder how does a common man do ?’

Meanwhile, the hike has also inspired jokes.

Amitabh Bachchan tweeted: ‘Petrol up Rs 7.5 : Pump attendent – ‘Kitne ka daloon ?’ ! Mumbaikar – ’2-4 rupye ka car ke upar spray kar de bhai, jalana hai !!”

The hike comes as the rupee hit an all-time low of Rs. 56.19 against the dollar and Bachchan joked about it too.

Sharing a joke he received from one of his friends, he added: ‘Haha ha ! Just had to put this one out from good friend Anu : Amitabh has demanded all his payments in dollars instead of INR .. ” Kyunki woh aaj bhi gire hue paise nahin uthata “‘

Abhishek Kapoor tweeted: ‘Petrol Pump Attendant : Kitne ka daaloon? Driver: 2-4 Rupye ka gadi ke upar spray kar de bhai. Aag lagani hai.’

Ashish Chowdhry also had a good laugh. ‘Beti-mom he’s just α friend!Maa–humne duniya dekhi hai beta!2 litre petrol jalaake ghar aanewala just friend nahi hota,’ he wrote.

Raj Kundra tweeted: ‘#petrolhike yikes! Petrol chodo drink Johnnie Walker and keep walking!’

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