MP Jaswant Singh raises Darjeeling water crisis in Lok Sabha

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Kalimpong, May 11, 2012:

Emerging as a grave issue, the hills’ water crisis situation talks has made its way to the Parliament. The Darjeeling MP, Jaswant Singh while putting forward the said issue today during the Question Hour of the Lok Sabha appealed the Minister to urge the State Government to pay special attention to this matter.

Voicing for both Darjeeling and his hometown, Barmer in Rajasthan, the MP stated, “May I inform the Hon’ble Minister that the municipal supply of water in Darjeeling is once in 17 days. May I take you to the western part of India; Barmer is a place which is my home District. As it is a dark zone as far as water is concerned. Deeply depressed, may I request you to pleas urge upon the State Government to pay special attention to this matter”.

Standing his grounds on favouring the party, the MP recommended the Government not to get satisfied after getting the funds for the water supply instead, the Government should keep a check on how the funds are being utilized for the said purpose. Highlighting about the adverse effects of the forthcoming monsoons in the hills he mentioned the irony lying in the fact that the hills which receive heavy downpour daily during this season, receives Municipality water supply once in 17 days.

Answering to this the Minister for Environment and Water Resources, Jairam Ramesh firstly thanked the MP for highlighting this issue and also assured that he will be discussing the recommendation put forward by Singh with the State Government. Also mentioning about the MP’s birth place, Rajasthan, the Minister informed that this year approximately around 1400 crores has been sanctioned to take care of the water problem in Rajasthan. There has been an increment of 25% in the funds as compared to last year, he added. Further, Ramesh said that regarding Darjeeling the matter is looked upon by the Urban Water Department and as far as Barmer’s water issue is concerned, he will be talking to the Rajasthan State Government. The MP who put forward the water issue of Darjeeling along with his hometown Barmer was directed by the Central Minister to keep forward the Barmer issue to its State Government. The Minister needs to be well acquainted about Darjeeling where despite of laying foundation of many projects, its works are till date not completed.



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