NUSI supports Sikkim University VC, says SUS a puppet of SDF

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Gangtok, 24 May, 2012:

The President of National Student Union of India (NSUI) Binod Chettri has strongly condemned the statement of the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) against Sikkim University Vice Chancellor MP Lama.

In a press conference held today in the capital Chettri said that Prof Lama has been genuinely working for the profit of the Sikkimese and the University since its inception. The SDF spokesperson Bhim Dahal should actually visit the colleges and know the certainty before remarking something said Chettri. Earlier on May 21, Dahal had said that the VC Prof Lama who is trying to suppress the voice of the local students and the people is not at all needed and he should take a leave.

Countering on the Student Union of Sikkim Chettri said that the union has been running under the supervision of SDF party and funds. The SUS if they think that they are really concerned about the future of the students, they should have raised the issues of the land to the government, which till date is not accessible. “The target of the SDF and of SUS is the VC MP Lama not the future of the students” said Chettri and added that there are many private Universities in the State and they are least concerned about it.

During the course of strike in Gorkhaland agitation, OP Bhandari had filed a petition in the apex court, but he was silent when the SUS jammed the NH31A on 18th May. “If the SUS calls for the strike again, we will file a counter petition in the Supreme Court for implementing the order” said Chettri.

On the other hand the Students Union of Sikkim has been protesting the statement of the VC who termed them as the ‘educated illiterates’. The union recently jammed the NH31A as the SU’s answers to the demands were not satisfactory. The Namchi college students today conducted a peace rally at Namchi, South Sikkim protesting the statement of the VC to them as the ‘educated illiterates’.



  • aaliyha

    Prof. Lama was working for the Goverment before he decided to call quits and head towards the education field,and was selected as the VC of SU.
    It is sad and utterly disgraceful on the part of the Goverment to be targeting a man of such high stature,experience and qualification and playing nothing but dirty politics. Sikkim is a small state with a smaller population(as compared to the rest of our country) and I feel it is upto us the youths with the guidance of elderly to come together in the form of a group or association and really work towards the up liftment of our state and let it not run by thugs and goons who are trying to intimidate us with fear.
    Intresting part to remember is that our Hon.Cm has lost his DR. and that by itself speaks volumes.

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