Highest tourists inflow recorded in the history of Sikkim

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‘The ‘growth’ has started and will keep multiplying’- Minister Dhungel

Gangtok, 19 June 2012:

The Secretary for Tourism, R Telang today informed that the inflow of tourists both domestic and international as of now is the highest inflow down the Sikkimese history. The figures have reached approximately to 4 lacs till May (this season), and are expected to reach to 8 lacs till the end of this season.

Talking to Sikkim Mail, Minister for Tourism Bhim Dhungel said that multiple factors have contributed for the growth of tourists in the State this year. Factors like the infrastructures like Char Dham has contributed a lot, the aggressive campaigning, the national level awards being conferred to the State, the tourism carnival and other programmes in the State, the presentation of the home stays tourism at Kolkata, the efforts of the stakeholders, the tour operators and over all the efforts made by the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling has contributed for the record.

Minister Dhungel said that that the ‘growth’ has just begun which is the most important thing and in days to come the State will break the record.

Secretary Telang said that the efforts of the government and the department have started to bear fruits. It was after the earthquake that the Minister for Tourism Bhim Dhungel had addressed a press conference at Kolkata on February with the travel agents, hoteliers and the media persons sending message that ‘Sikkim is safe place to visit’, which have resulted the inflow he added. Adding to that the several other programmes formulated by the different departments have also added cherry on top. The ‘Sikkim Snow Fest’ organized by the TAAS was the beginner for the tourists. A positive message went throughout the world and more and more tourists started visiting the State. Later the ‘Sikkim Spring Festival’ drew much attention to the State resulting the massive inflow of tourists in the State and the month long ‘Glimpses of the Sikkimese Culture’ is on sail which have also encouraging feeds backs added Secretary. “Till May, around 4 lacs tourists inflow in Sikkim has been recorded” said Telang and added that the department is still yet to receive the unrecorded data from west and north Sikkim.

Highlighting the above secretary Telang said that now the Sikkimese needs to have the willingness to really get into tourism sector rest all is provided by the government. The department this year has been focusing on home stay tourism as there are no middle men and the money directly goes into the pocket of the rural entrepreneurs. It is a high time for the educated youths to get involved into tourism as the chief minister Pawan Chamling keeps on telling. The department is conducting numerous programmes for the development of the rural home stays entrepreneurs he added.

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