Sikkim: Chief Minister inaugurates Manan Kendra

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Earlier people used to visit Sikkim to teach, but today they come to learn: CM Chamling

Gangtok, July 13, 2012:

“The naming of the Manan Kendra signifies positive chance in the way of thinking” said Chief Minister Pawan Chamling addressing the inaugural day the magnificent, high tech and splendidly constructed Manan Kendra at Jeewan Theeng marg, Development area, Gangtok.

Chief Minister Chamling who has christened the name Manan at the outset defining it said the people of the State should start deep thinking to reach at an affirmative conclusion. “Our society does not feel and sense, one has to have a feeling that we are proud to be Sikkimese, Indian and a Human being” said CM Chamling. It is only after the thinking and responsibilities that is cultivated; one can contribute towards the society.

Exampling America as ‘New World’ CM Chamling said that what America we see today is the long immortal input and involvement made by its citizens. The level of thinking they posses is far superior to that of the Sikkimese. Highlighting a story of the 11-years old Grace Bedell who wrote a letter to the  President Abraham Lincoln only a few days before he became the President and gave him suggestions, CM Chamling stressed that the students should be like Bedell who provided proposition to a leader of the big Nation. “If you inculcate positive mindset and be honest, half the battle is won” believed CM Chamling urging the bureaucrats and the students to be the same.

Speaking on the reasons behind the naming the Bhavan as Manan, CM Chamling said the thought process in Greece started before 3000 years ago. One of the greatest Philosophers like Plato was also from Greece which till today owes admiration. It was just because of the positive thought that they are far more advanced than us. If the Sikkimese cannot think of their better tomorrow, what is just and unjust, the people of America cannot help in this regard. It is the Sikkimese that must think for the healthier tomorrow said CM Chamling appealing one and all to bind by a single rope for the overall development of the State. Each and every individual of the State irrespective of caste, creed, gender, religion, and politics has to be responsible towards constructing the State which carries the meaning of Manan simplified CM Chamling.

The society has to be made debatable following which the bad works of the Government has to be criticized and the good works to be applauded. The youngsters have to think what Sikkim was, what is and what shall be in the future which also suggests the gist of the name Manan he added.

“Culture represents the human society” quoted CM Chamling elucidating that the word culture has been derived from the Latin word ‘Cultura’. He briefed that in the Western countries; the intellectuals see culture as ways of life, belief, codes of manner, morality, laws, food, clothing etc, but CM Chamling believed it to be the weapon of the society, the mirror of the society. Someone has rightly said that ‘if you have to destroy a society, then destroy its culture’. On this parlance he appealed the Sikkimese to preserve, protect and construct its own culture and the protection and preservation phenomena started after the SDF Government coming into power in 1994. Physically the Sikkimese has undergone vast change but psychologically and mentally we lack far behind said the CM explaining the implication of Manan and added that the mindset of the people in Sikkim has affected the politics at the most.

Just like the small stream and jhoras are protected for the smooth flowing of a river, like wise every communities in Sikkim has been protected and secured aiming Sikkim to win not only  a single community. This has been particularly thought by the SDF Government said CM Chamling and added that when the recognition of the languages of the different communities were being specified, many self-centered people defame the Government alleging that the Nepali communities were being separated. But one can now judge that every community has been enjoying equal rights and liberties in the State which can ultimately add positive to the State.

“My thinking was and is for the Sikkimese not a community” said the CM. For the recognition of the every language of the State CM Chamling said that he had explained all the reasons in the Assembly that why was it important for the recognition of every language. The oppositions that time too did not supported the Government’s stand but following the passing of the bill in the Assembly, today every languages are being introduced in the schools, graduate and the post graduate level said CM Chamling.

“ Earlier people used to visit Sikkim to teach and preach but today they come here to learn” said CM Chamling appealing all to carry the momentum going and to give continuity what Sikkim has fetched till date.

Clarifying the rumors of corruption on Hydel Power Projects CM Chamling questioned that how can a corruption of 50 crs can occur in a 20 crs project, out of which only 8 crs have been spent till date under the 18 power projects. The Power Projects are totally of the private companies and the State Government had only little jurisdiction on it. “The Power projects are not for me” said the CM strongly, and urged all to provide suggestion on it if they think it is erroneous. The people of the State must be far sighted and debate on the matter for which the Manan comes into questions he added. The State cannot generate all its revenues from the tourism and the agriculture sector when the aid from the Central Government stops.

Talking about the Salad Bowl Approach a subject much talked about by the social scientists, the Chief Minister said that like many vegetables together makes a good salad, so various communities together make a good society. But for this, the existence of all the vegetables have to be ensured and protected so that the ingredients of salad are available to make a good salad in bowl, he added. Likewise, in the same manner in order to make a good Sikkimese society we in government are trying to protect all the communities of the state.

Aiming the students present, CM Chamling said the time has arrived for the students to be prepared. The tempo of the studies has to be accelerated along with quality. The coming of the global technologies in Sikkim doest not only mean global opportunities but it also signals the dawn of global competition. “Obsession is omnipresent in me, a positive vibe always calls me to work for the Sikkimese” said CM Chamling urging the student to be positive and passionate which leads to the path of Buddha not to Ravana. Quoting Einstein who said that power has to be used positievely CM called on the students to be happy, conscious, competitive, honest and cooperative. On this he also added that he never used students in politics. The world class infrastructure and other facilities have been created in the State, but it also lies on the part of the students and the teachers to come out with encouraging results.

Talking on tourism the CM said that Sikkim is still lagging behind. Tourism till date has reached space and under water. 1000 million tourists travels each day in the world, 5 lacs tourist visits the space in a day, but in Sikkim only 2% of the natives are in the tourism business. The hotels, restaurants, tours and travels have the licenses of the Sikkimese but the real profit has been taken by the outsiders. The SDF Government have a target of bringing 1 crore tourist annually, which needs 7000 hotels, 700 Home Stays, a total number of 235000 direct employment will be created, each individual will earn Rs.100000 per annum but after all what needed is the Manan expressed the CM. The educated youths in the State does not consider the service sector as important as the Government jobs. The so called youths have used their education as life oriented not job oriented enlightened the CM.

The world talked about Feminism, but Sikkim has been exemplary to implement all the rights and liberties to the women including the Natural right which is the Holy Kranti of the SDF he added.

Lastly he has also hoped that this year’s  Bhanu Jayanti shall inculcate a change in the mindset of the people towards Naya Sikkim and Sukhi Sikkim.

The Minister for Cultural Affairs and heritage Department in his welcome address while highlighting about the activities taken by the government in the protection, propagation, preservation and development of language, literature, art, music and tradition said that the establishment of the National School of Drama is to encourage the youths in the field of performing art which besides being a good livelihood option can make our people renowned throughout the world.

The Minister for Cultural Affairs and Heritage Department presented a memento to the Chief Minister.

The contractor of the magnificent infrastructure, Mr. Meghraj Pradhan was also felicitated with a letter of appreciation by the Chief Minister.

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