Sikkim: Governor plants new tea saplings in Raj Bhawan

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Gangtok, 13 August, 2012:

The Governor Balmiki Prasad Singh planted new tea saplings for the season in the tea estate at the Raj Bhawan Complex on 11th August. On the occasion he spoke about a plan to extend tea cultivation in the complex. The total area under tea cultivation is 5.5 acres at Raj Bhawan at present. Ministers, Neeru Sewa and Bhim Dhungel also partook in the plantation.

Further, he informed that the State Government has allotted additional 33 acres of land to the Raj Bhawan. Tea plantation will be carried out in some parts of the land, he added.

The Governor further highlighting the main objective of the plantation said that it aims in making Raj Bhawan a location having variety of organic flowers and plants. The climate here is suitable for tea plantation.

The tea produced is used in Raj Bhawan and is presented as souvenirs to the guests.

Likewise, the Governor also said that the old Raj Bhawan will be opened for the tourists. A footpath will be constructed and the Raj Bhawan area will be fenced and the visitors can walk and take pleasure of the rich flora and fauna of the Raj Bhawan. Fees will be charged and entry can be made only during Sundays. Funds raised from the gate fees would be spent on the education of Raj Bhawan staff. Also a new garden is being developed in the premises to link the new Raj Bhawan which is presently under construction, he informed.

The Raj Bhawan tea estate Manager, Tarachand Acharya notified that the altitude and soil of the Governor House complex are ideal for tea plantation. The tea saplings and technical guidance are provided by Temi Tea Estate, he added.

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