Sikkim: SDF to take decision on independents after Diwali

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Gangtok, November 7, 2012:

Having swept the Panchayat polls, the ruling SDF party recorded its supreme confidence to repeat the same winning performance in Assembly elections scheduled in 2014.

“We will also win all the 32 Assembly seats and also the Lok Sabha seat if election is held for it also. If the Panchayat election is a semifinal then we will also everything in the Assembly elections. We believe in scientific politics and do not make threatening speeches like others”, said SDF spokesperson Bhim Dahal in a press conference here at SDF Bhavan.
Along with the uncontested seats, the ruling front altogether won 884 wards out of 987
wards and 103 seats out of 108 Zillas. Results of 13 wards in East Sikkim are pending due to a tabulation error during the counting process yesterday.

“It was a splendid and record making victory of the SDF. We won almost 96 percent seats and results of 13 seats are also yet to come. We congratulate the Sikkimese people, the party workers and our candidates”, said Dahal. We also thank those independent candidates fielded by our political opponents for participating in the elections, he said. Ninety wards and five Zilla seats in Sikkim were bagged by independent candidates.

However, the ruling front points out that most of these independents were in fact its party members. “There were more than three SDF candidates and the party left these areas as an open field. The figure of real independents actually contesting against our official party candidates is negligible”, said Dahal. On whether the independents would be accepted by the ruling front, the SDF spokesperson said party president Pawan Chamling has directed the party chiefs in each of the four districts and the party’s research wing to
study them.

“The research and analysis of our party will consult with the party presidents and vice presidents of each district and analysis the poll results. We will study where we won and where we lost and also on the independents. The study will be completed after Diwali and then a report will be placed to the party president. Then a decision will be taken on the independents”, said Dahal. Asked about rebel party MLA Prem Singh Golay’s campaign for independents, Dahal said that Golay did campaigned and held meetings in support of independent candidates contesting against the SDF candidates. “Golay does not have a political party and we cannot identify who are his candidates. It would have been better if he and his group would have contested under a political banner instead of taking the backdoor option”, he said. SDF vice president DT Lepcha pointed out that the ruling front won all the Panchayat seats in his Upper Burtuk constituency. We had already won 95 percent seats uncontested and wherever contests were held, we won by a huge margin, he said.

Dahal added that Golay could also not do anything in his stronghold of Soreng Chakung constituency of West district. “Soreng and Chakung were supposed to be the hotbed of Golay but we won there. Golay and former Chief Minister Nar Bahadur Bhandari had jointly campaigned for an independent candidate at Malbasey but we also won there”, he said.

The SDF spokesperson while congratulating the party’s winning candidates urged them to serve the people as a committed SDF soldier.

PIC: Bhim Dahal addressing the media.

Courtesy: Sikkim Express



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