Sikkim: Opening of Bank Account for each family

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GANGTOK, December 20, 2012

A Bankers’ Meet was convened at State Bank of India Regional Office, Gangtok on December 17 to discuss the modalities of completion of coverage of the entire populace at Gangtok Municipal area under ‘one family one account’ scheme under financial inclusion initiative of Government of India towards Direct Cash Transfer of Subsidy to the a/c of beneficiaries from January 1, 2013.

The meeting was presided jointly by General Manager, Reserve Bank of India, EE Karthak and General Manager, State Bank of India, Local Head Office, Kolkata.

Anuradha Rao. Under the Government of India initiative, banks are required to ensure that all the families residing within the Gangtok Municipal area must have at least one a/c with a scheduled commercial bank operating on Core Banking platform.

To ensure that the job gets completed within this week, the municipal area of Gangtok has been divided into 15 areas in terms of representation of councilors and distributed among the member banks operating within the municipal area of Gangtok so that the Bank’(s) in charge of a particular area get in touch with the respective councilor of that place and solicit the required help from the councilor concerned for opening of a/c for families who do not so far have an a/c with a bank branch on core banking platform.

A press release adds that the staff of banks, will on consultation with the respective councilors will visit the people desirous of opening of a/c on a prior appointed date and at a pre determined venue, so that all the remaining unbanked people of a locality get covered on a particular date.

The prospective customers are requested to carry necessary KYC documents i.e., proof of identity and proof of residence and two passport size photographs to enable accounts to be opened immediately. This will ensure 100 percent coverage of one account for each family in Gangtok, the release informs.

It further says that the customers will be requested to give the copy of their Aadhar Cards, wherever available to the banks for subsequent seeding of the same in the system.

Courtesy: SIKKIM EXPRESS | December 18, 2012



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