Hip Hop Music in Sikkim is growing day by day: Urban Inc

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he first Hip Hop Band from Sikkim, Urban Inc. needs no introduction. Proud to be Sikkimese blog caught up with the two rappers of the Urban Inc and found out more about their music and their journey from school boy rappers to famed celebrity artistes.
1. So, when did you (both) first start rapping?

* It was during our teenage in school days when we first started rapping. We used to listen to international rap/hip hop/ r&b artistes; we used to do cover songs of them. Thereafter we slowly started writing, composing and producing our own songs.
2. How would you describe Urban Inc to someone who has never heard your music?

* Urban inc. is a band/crew, consists of two rappers Tenzing Lekchola and Thupden Wangchuk better known as “Leks” & “Thups”. Padma Tshering Shenga is the Manager/Director of the band and we are all based in Gangtok, Sikkim, India. The Urban inc. band appears deep with their compositions and our music has lots of influence that stretch beyond hip hop’s typical bass lines samples and scratches. We do all our writing, singing and composing.

3. How did Urban Inc. started?

* We all started as an individual making singles and solo songs. Leks went on to record the first rap/hip-hop song in the state with “Should be what you want” produced by DJ Sunny. Thups also used to write and rap his own self compose songs. We were childhood friends and we used to listen to rap/hip-hop songs since our childhood. We later started writing, composing and producing our own songs. Our songs were appealing and people started appreciating us. So in January 2010 we formed the band/crew “Urban Inc.” they kept the name “Urban Inc.” We are from Gangtok and it is an urban area and the capital of the state Sikkim, so we kept the name “Urban Inc”.
4. Tell us something about Urban Inc.’s first composition?

* Our first composition was “Beat the rain” this track was produced by DJ Sunny, the music producer of our band/crew. This track was dedicated to all the ones who have lost their lives and trying to overcome the sad situation, so this song went pretty well. (Smile)
5. What was so special about RISE TO THE TOP?

* “Rise to the top” was our first debut album and through this album we got a good platform, we got to know well-known and famed artistes. We got opportunity to perform at many places and helped us grow as a band. It made us where we are today.
6. What do you think has contributed the most in your success so far?

* Family, friends and well wishers, thank you. (smile)
7. How do you come up with new ideas for the music?

* We look for things, we see here and there, observe and apply. Then we listen to some beats play the tracks and start writing according to what we feel and try to relate to our listeners as much as we can.
8. Which is the favorite place you have ever performed and why?

* Till now we have performed more than 30 shows but the favorite place we have ever performed was at Jamia Millia College, Delhi on 8th march 2013. It was an international conference and we were the special guest band/crew along with Alobo and the Naga band from Nagaland. With more than 3,000 people, we had an hour long program and our performance went very well. We received lots of appreciation. We feel proud whenever we get an opportunity to represent Sikkim in National and International level.
9. Where Urban Inc finds themselves in Hip Hop music arena?

* We need to keep working hard, be constant and keep coming out with new stuffs, be focused to reach our goals.
10. Hip Hop artists can be a better role model for a society? Your say.

* Need to portrait themselves in such a way that they help the people let go of their problems and inspire the youth, awareness of bad things, making use of their talents and be creative and lot more.

11. Any plan for June 21 (World Music Day)?

* For 2013 world music day we haven’t got any shows and callings, we would like to perform in world music day if we get chance to perform.
12. Who are the artistes that inspire you?

* We look up to great artistes like Tupac Amaru Shakur/Notorious Big/Dr. Dre/old school hip-hop/new school hip-hop. Mostly international artistes because they inspire us in writing/composing/recording.

13. What is the future of Hip Hop music in Sikkim?

* Hip hop music in Sikkim is growing day by day, there are many new upcoming rappers and they are good. So in future we are pretty sure that hip hop music in Sikkim will be popular and famous as compare to the present state.
14. Can you tell us about future projects?

* Presently we are focusing on our new second upcoming album which will be released later this year or early 2014, we are almost done with 8 tracks and from this album we have already dropped few tracks like “dream high” “walk in our shoes” “make you mine” in internet and social networking sites. We have even released our new official music video for the “dream high” song and “walk in our shoes” in YouTube. and and in this album we are roping up with Indian artistes as well as an international artistes. (surprise) and coming up with new videos too.
15. Any final words of advice for aspiring musicians to the readers of this interview?

* Firstly we would like to thank everyone for reading our interview.

For all the aspiring musicians we would like to say “work hard play hard” and we are always there to help and support.

Our band details (music/video/lyrics) links are given below.so stay tuned all our viewers.
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Courtesy:Proud to be a Sikkimese Blog


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