Sikkim Democratic Front condemns attempts of communal divide

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Gangtok, July 25, 2013:

On the 22nd July 2013 night in West District and the night before in in some pockets of East District some posters appeared in the name of Bihari Jagran Manch, Old Settlers and Business people. These posters were communal in flavour.

A press release has been issued by the SDF Party and signed by Bhim Dahal, SDF Party Spokesperson and VP which condemns such action and the party says that these posters have come up to disturb the peace and tranquility of the society at large.

The release states that Sikkim Democratic Front Party would like to intimate to all the people of Sikkim, other political parties and all other institutions and associations that the Old Settlers’ issue related to the Income Tax exemption to Sikkimese case is subjudice and is now the property of the Supreme Court of India. Of late it is seen that many of the political parties are making all kinds of statements and pressing all kinds of motivations which are mainly political in nature and are trying to create political capital out of this. This is being done purely for their benefit without the express benefit of the people of Sikkim. They are in this way trying to create mistrust amongst the people with this kind of rhetoric.

SDF in strong say, ‘those who have come up with these posters are doing so to foster insecurities and disturb the peace of the people. The SDF Party condemns those who have done this in no uncertain terms. This is an act of cowardice and needs to be condemned with all the power at our disposal.’

The SDF Party has appealed to all right thinking citizens not to give credence to this kind of propaganda.

“We assure the people that the Party and the Government will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of this. We further state that we will continue to give fullest support to the State’s progress, peace and communal harmony. We will ensure all this and we need the support of the people to maintain peace and law and order,” adds the press release.


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