NSD demands permanent physical space for theatre in Sikkim

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GANGTOK, April 4, 2013

Bothered by lack of physical space to carry out the activities of National School of Drama (NSD), Sikkim, the Centre Director Bipin Kumar has appealed the State government to provide them with a physical space for carrying out its activities more efficiently and productively.

The Sikkim NSD Centre since its inception in 2011 functions from a rented building. The autonomous institution of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India has been provided only a flat amount of Rs. 25, 000 per month, the same of which is used to pay rent to the Sikkim Culture and Heritage department.

However, the Centre has been employing and educating the youths of Sikkim which includes scholarship fee worth Rs. 4,000 per head, recruitment of 60 percent Sikkimese staff and 40 percent outside staff, permanent paid repertory artistes of Sikkim, etc.

Speaking to this correNSD demands permanent physical space for theater spondent, Kumar spelt out the various reasons on why the acquisition of a permanent physical space is indispensable to their proper functioning. “A theatre needs a proper rehearsal room, repertory company, weekend theatre for children, library room and public theatre.

We are not able to utilize our experiments and funds for workshops and art festival in the best way possible,” he added.

The director further informed that the 20 Sikkimese artistes under NSD, Sikkim have been exposed to shows in places like Rajasthan, Goa, Behrampur, Tripura, Shantinagar, New Delhi, Kaliagunj and Kathmandu.

“Wherever these artistes have performed, they have been successful to demonstrate the Sikkimesse society to the outside world breaking even the barrier created by language. Hence, for the further improvement of these talents, a permanent physical space and its allied infrastructure requirement should be provided to us,” he appealed.

(Courtesy: Sikkim Express)


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