David Zohmangaiha become first Mizo to scale Mt Everest

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Aizawl, May 20, 2013

David Zohmangaiha (38) s/o K Zokhuma (L) has turned out to be the first Mizo to scale the highest mountain in the world, Mt Everest. He, along with team members, set foot on the mountain peak at 5:30 AM on May 18.

Along with David Zohmangaiha, other 7 persons from North East also scaled the world’s highest mountain. Vanlalliana, Maubawk, Head Adventure of Sports & Youth Services deptt, was also in the expedition team as Base Camp Manager. Meanwhile, 3 persons of the team could not reach the mountain peak due to physical problem. The team of 1st North East India Mt Everest Expedition, which included 2 Mizo, consists of 16 members, of which 11 climbed the mountain. According to the Expedition team base camp manager Vanlalliana, 3 members from the team scaled the mountain in the morning of May 17. Then at night on May 17 itself, another 5 climbed up towards the peak, and reached it on May 18 morning.

On talking to ZALEN daily, family of David exclaimed, “We are very happy and we are also very proud of him”. “In the beginning we were almost disheartened as lakhs of rupees was required, and adding to that it was also a bit difficult to get sponsored as no Mizo has yet scaled the Mt Everest before. So, while we are almost losing heart, he but turned out successful which is really a matter of joy for us”, the exuberant family of David added.

The expedition team, who set out to scale the Mt Everest on April 5, 2013, reached the Camp IV, the base stage before reaching the peak which is of 7920 metre (feet 26,000) high on the night of May 16 around 10 AM from when they proceeded upward to reach the peak measuring 8848 metre (feet 29,029).

They had to stop for some time when they reached ‘South Col’ which is near Camp IV, as speedy wind of 60 kilometre per hour blew along and also because of the snow fall. Also, even after 3 of the team members reached the peak, the other members had to stop at ‘South Col’ due to lack of oxygen and foods, and also because night was favourable time to climb the mountain. They started again on Friday night, and the other 5 climbers reached the peak in the morning of May 18.

The expedition conducted under the aegis of Manipur Mountaineeing & Trekking Association and Manipur was sponsored by North Eastern Council. Sources also informed that Vanlalliana’s contribution for the success of the expedition is immense, citing that after when the Team doctor faced physical problem, he even helped in taking care of the members’ physical condition.

In order to scale Mt Everest it is required to secure Grade ‘A’ in each of Adventure Course, Basic Mountaineering, Advance Mountaineering and Search & Rescue. After these, it is necessary to scale at least one Minor and Major Peak, of a height ft. 20,000 and ft. 22,000 respectively. Even after fulfilling all these requirements, it is further required to undergo successful Pre-Expedition for Major Peak.

In terms of logistics too, Advance Booking and a total amount required by one person is Rs 18 lakh per individual. The team members from Mizoram were sponsored by Sports & Youth Services department besides DRDA Project Director, Rotluanga and D3 Business Enterprise, Ramhlun North.

Starting on April 5, 2013 from New Base Camp, 8 of the expedition team members scaled the mountain peak during May 17-18. They will leave New Base Camp on May 22 and proceed to New Delhi.

David Zohmangaiha, the first ffrom Mizoram to set foot on the peak of the Mt Everest, is the present leader of Silver Hawk Adventure Club, Republic Veng, Aizawl. His club Silver Hawk Adventure Club had during 2006-2010 reached out all the Mizoram boundaries.

Record has it that one Mizo Dr Capt Samuel Lalrintluanga (Indian Army), employed at Medical Office of Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkasi, Uttaranchal State had earlier participated as Team Leader of Mt Everest Joint Expedition under the aegis of Nehru Institute of Mountainering and Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF). The team had scaled the Mt Everst on May 21, 2009 at 6 AM. Although Samuel Lalrintluanga was the first Mizo to participate in the team of expedition to scale Mt Everest, but due to certain problems, he failed to book his name among the team members who reached the mountain peak.

Also in 1995, Mizoram Alpine Club had climbed Mt Abigabin (24,639 ft) on behalf of Mizoram Adventure Association (MAA), but after being qualified for expedition to scale Mt Everest, they could not do so due to financial problem. But then, as they were already qualified earlier, they opened up the way for Adventure Club which is under MAA.

It may be recalled that Sir Edmund Hillary, Auckland, New Zealand and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, Nepal were the first to scale Mt Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

(Courtesy: The Mizoram Post)


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      Congratulations Dave. You are a hero. I reckon it’s a little tougher than the expeditions we had together. God bless

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