BGP Sikkim feels old settlers have misguided Supreme Court

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People aspersing Sikkimese Nepali as foreigner rather curse  their own ancestors: KN Sharma

Gangtok, June 27, 2013

Bharatiya Gorkha Parishangh (BGP) , Sikkim strongly condemning the aspersion against Sikkimese Nepali by anti social elements within so-called Old Settlers of Sikkim put forth a strong objection to their remark as absolutely  anti social gesture. This so-called old settlers, as the BGP Sikkim president K N Sharma  stated that they on the  advice of the then Indian political officer in Sikkim refuse to accept Sikkim Subject ship in 1961 denying  their allegiance  and faith  to the then Choygal and the Kingdom of Sikkim. With the pride of being an Indian, they thought Sikkim Subject of no value then, a press release stated.

Now the Central Income Tax (IT) exemption to the native Sikkimese Nepali has become a cause for their heart burn which is very much pitiable. For the anguish of their   own past mistake they should not subject native Sikkimese Nepali as foreigner to heal their heart for petty gain like  IT exemption.

The IT exemption by Government is constitutionally guaranteed to the native Sikkimese under the preview of the provisions granted under article 371 (F) which excludes these so called Old settlers who calms themselves the Indians. Hence the exemption doesn’t include them as they are not native Sikkimese as per the constitution .

And asking IT exemption for themselves labeling Sikkimese Nepali as foreigner is a logic totally absurd and highly objectionable. President Sharma suggests that these anti social elements to restrain themselves from sawing seed of communal hatred for their own safety.

And apologizing for their mistake will help them correct and carve out a secure place for themselves in Sikkimese society for a peaceful co-existence. President Sharma also has offered them with options  and  suggested them to make their own choice as to what may be better for their own selves .

BGP Sikkim has observed that the perjury that they have laid before the honorable Supreme Court has the effect that it may misled the highest court of the land.

BGP Sikkim has  also been  authorized by the central committee of the BGP  to take all steps to resolve this issue and to clear all erroneous  misconceptions about the national status of Gorkhas of Sikkim.


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    • Tashi Pemba

      When there is no recourse left in law then criminal intimidation is the only way.

      Here are some questions for Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh(BGP) AND A CERTAIN Mr.Nepal —we certainly hope the name does not denote that he is a foreigner.

      5 QUESTIONS.

      1. This petition has been in court for 3 months and more . Why does not this organization/person not challenge the petition in the Supreme court if they/he think that the old settlers do not have a legal case ?

      2. As an Indian and—- if he is an Indian — should he not have had faith in India’s Supreme Court Instead of trying to blackmail and frighten a miniscule minority in Sikkim ?

      3. If some people opted to retain Indian or other citizenship if the Chogyal offered them Sikkim Subject , then all who refused should be in the same boat—and the records will show that there were more Nepalese who refused the Sikkim Subject offer than others ?

      4. The State Government itself has certified that the Sikkim subject list contains at least thirty thousand false names –a majority of them Nepalis—then why do you grudge others from getting the same benefit and that too via the Supreme Court in a transparent and legal manner?

      5. And The Chogyal of Sikkim certainly did not give all the current holders of Sikkim Subject their rights . It was in fact the GREAT BHANDARI who faught for these stateless –some 80,000 non Sikkimese so that they could have the right—-which they are now mysteriously claim as Chogyal’s grant and want to restrict people who have served the state for a hundred years and more from getting the same Rights. WHY ???

    • R. Thapa

      I too agree with Tashi and Nadar, it is not about not getting something while others reap the benefit of it; It is about equality-:Every person, irrespective of which caste, or group he or she belong should hold a sikkim subject if they have lived in this place from old days. Sikkim subject is no just a piece of document, it is the constitutional right of old people as stated below–

      Before Sikkim became a part of India under the Sikkim Subjects Regulations, 1961, every person domiciled in the territory of Sikkim immediately before the commencement of the said Regulations, i.e., 3-7-1961 was declared to be a Sikkim subject if he (a) was born in the territory of Sikkim and was a resident thereof or (b) he had been ordinarily residing in the territory of Sikkim for not less than 15 years immediately preceding the commencement of the Regulations or (c) is the wife or minor

      The principle of equality before the law is especially important for groups that are in the minority, such as indigenous people, or groups that have less political or other power, such as the poor. This also means that judges, government officials and police are also answerable to the same body of law.

    • Nawang Bhutia

      Sikkim president K N Sharma is a corrupted person. I feel ashamed of having leaders like him.

    • sameer

      Keep fighting you all and burn in hell.
      God gave us this place and each of you are just hungry, some are hungry to rule, some are hungry for equality and some for money.
      I hope KN sharma dies else this place will burn in hell.

    • anonymous

      KN sharma is following on foot steps of British government: DIVIDE AND RULE.
      He thinks he is an smart ass.

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